Why Wonder Woman is Awesome

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Wonder Woman is easily the most iconic female superhero. She is my fourth favorite comic book hero of all-time. These are reasons why she is so awesome:

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1. Love

Although she is a warrior, Wonder Woman is kind. Although sometimes she has been badly portrayed, most of the times, a big part of her character is that she loves everyone. I don't remember the exact lines but Ted Kord said that Diana is someone that everyone likes, even Batman. He continues and says that she gives a look that seems like she knows you but still cares about you. That is who Wonder Woman is. She has been sent man's world to would do anything to protect them.

2. War

This seems to contradicts with the last point. She'll be the first to call for peace and the first to throw a punch. She is one of the toughest superheroes that I can think of. She has no fear and will face tough opponents. Diana has a warrior's bravery and will. This what makes her so compelling: the fact that she is a kind princess and yet a strong warrior.

3. A Whole New World

This is a point I made with "Why Aquaman is Awesome." She has a fantasy world that's separate from the likes of New York City, Metropolis, or even Gotham City. She lives on an island with female warriors who have shut themselves out away from man's world. In Wonder Woman stories, you have a lot of potential to deal with themes of magic and fantasy. That is one reason I like her stories. They're different and shy away from realism (which can be both good and bad).

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4. Allies and Villains

I like Greek Mythology. I think the characters are very intriguing and interesting to read about. If you like Greek mythology, then you should read Wonder Woman's stories! You get to see Hera, Hippolyta, Ares, Hades, and so on. Not only that, you have her sidekicks. I've always been fond of Donna Troy and Cassandra Sandsmark. Although she doesn't have the best villains, she has some interesting ones. Some examples include: Circe, Hades, Ares, Cheetah, Doctor Psycho and so on.

5. Icon and Inspiration

Wonder Woman obviously created as a female icon. She was meant to inspire woman and tell them that females can stand up strong against men during that time period. Even though that was a long time ago, I can see how someone like that can inspire comic book readers. Anyone, fictional or not, that can inspire good lessons in people gets a lot of respect from me. Wonder Woman is strong and loving and even guys can look up to that personality and strive to be better people.

6. Beauty of Aphrodite

Sweet Hera!
Sweet Hera!

This is a short list, but hopefully I got my point across. Wonder Woman is an amazing character that I love reading about.

Thoughts? Comment below. Let me know if there's any character you'd like to see analyzed by me, batmannflash.