Why Wolverine is Awesome

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Earlier today, I made a "Why Aquaman is Awesome," so I will continue doing this. I just talk about reasons why I like certain characters. Shoutout to @wolverine08.

Quite often, I see Wolverine haters complaining about how he is way too overexposed. Well, that is your opinion. However, I am totally cool with how much our favorite adamantium mutant has showed up in comics/movies/TV.

1. He was BAD trying to be GOOD.

As most should know, Wolverine has spent a good chunk of his time doing things that he would later regret. Even though I would consider him more of an anti-hero, he has spent a lot of extremely long life trying to right his wrongs. Anyone who believes in redemption is a winner in my book. Logan saw himself as a weapon, a killer, an animal. But I give a ton of respect to him becoming a hero and suppressing that feral side on him. Something else I can add to this is that he never gives up. Despite all the wrong he has done, he hasn't given up trying to be good.

2. He's Caring.

If you don't read Wolverine comics, you might assume that he's just some grouchy brute who doesn't really care for others. He's actually a softy for little girls, in a father figure type of way. He has been a father to many, including X-23 and Kitty Pryde. As shown in X-Men: Schism, he cares about the kids a lot and knows that they shouldn't be soldiers. Not to mention he found the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning.

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3. Supporting Cast

Wolverine has surrounded himself with a lot of allies, despite the whole lone wolf attitude. This sort of relates to the above. He has a great supporting cast with X-23, the entire X-Men, and the Avengers. I always look forward to Wolverine's interactions with others around him. He makes a fantastic and entertaining team with both Kaine and Spider-Man. Heck, I even liked it when he and Cyclops became friends right before their fight in X-Men: Schism.

4. Tough as Nails.

Logan is as tough as the adamantium in his skeleton. Even in the toughest of situations, he pulls through. Sure he has the healing factor, but you have to understand, he still feels a ton of pain. He does not give up. He isn't afraid of most things, and isn't afraid to do what's necessary when the moment comes. No matter how people he has seen die, he's going to give it his all.

5. He can be Funny

You'd expect someone like Wolverine to be the incredibly serious anti-hero. But he's not. It's not rare for Logan to crack a few jokes every now and then. I like that a lot. He doesn't keep things too serious and make you chuckle while reading.

Just because this is a sick picture
Just because this is a sick picture

6. Ninjas/Samurais

Ninjas and samurais. What more do you want??

7. Powers

He has some of the coolest powers ever. He's not an extremely powerful galactic super-powered being, but his powers are just plain awesome. I love seeing Wolverine slash his ferocious claws, track down an enemy with his smell, and healing from a deadly attack.

Thoughts? Any character I should do next?