Why Thor is Awesome

Unfortunately, I haven't seen "Thor: The Dark World" yet but tonight I'm writing about Thor for my blog series, "Why ___ is Awesome."

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1. Lesson of Humility

I am a big fan of Thor's origin. Many superheroes have to find, create or earn greatness (like Spider-Man, or Iron Man) but Thor is a god. He was born with greatness. The problem was that he let it all go to his head, and a young, prideful Thor was banished to planet Earth. I thought that the live action Thor movie did a fantastic job of this, so go see it if you haven't. He was an arrogant hothead and later became a selfless hero. I think we all can learn from this lesson. Thor is admirable because he had to go through a period of humility to become the man (god) he is today.

2. He's Just So Dang Powerful

Make comments about his inconsistent combat speed in comics, but there is no denying that he is super-powerful. It is a thrill to see him go toe-to-toe with powerful foes. I should also add that he doesn't have glaring weaknesses, *cough cough Superman* (nothing against Superman, I honestly like him more than Thor). Mjolnir is known to be one of the coolest weapons in comics and who doesn't want to smack punks around with a hammer? He is a god and I love immersing myself into Thor's stories of fantasy.

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3. Loki

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple years, you should know who Loki is, whether or not you read comics. He's been undoubtedly the greatest villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the comics as well, Loki is a compelling character who has an absolutely classic rivalry with his brother Thor. It is a rivalry that talked about along with Joker/Batman, Sinestro/Hal, and so on. The Thor movies did an amazing job of making us feel sympathy for Loki and creating such an interesting character. The dynamic between him and Thor adds to how awesome Thor is.

4. Thor: God of Thunder

I would have to admit, I haven't read much on Thor. I've read Thor: the Mighty Avenger by Landridge and some of Walt Simonson's run on Thor (both of which I enjoyed). What really caught my interest in Thor, though, was the current Marvel NOW series "Thor: God of Thunder," by Jason Aaron. Partnered with Esad Ribic's stunning art, the series' God Butcher and Godbomb story arcs are stories that I recommend every should read. Good stories makes an awesome character, and here's another reason why Thor is awesome. It's a fun, adventurous series that shows just how great he is.

5. Internet

Picture 1: Thor has a thor-ough resume. Picture 2: Miley wat r u doin'? Stahp!

Umm...what? A fun, not-really-serious point I want to say is that Thor has hilarious puns and internet memes. In our day and age of social media, it's always nice to have some laughs off the internet.

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