Why the Question (Vic Sage) is Awesome

I know I've writing less these days, but here I am.

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Today's part of my "Why ___ is Awesome" series is dedicated to the faceless detective. This is Pre New 52 Question, by the way.

1. Mystery

I really like mystery in my stories, heroes like Sherlock Holmes, Batman, or The Question. Mystery keeps you on the edge of your seat and it's cool to watch secrets unfold. The Question, being the detective, is surrounded by mystery and all that jazz. Sage is a fantastic detective, able to compete against the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Bruce Wayne. He played a fairly big part in the great show "Justice League Unlimited," finding ties with Cadmus and such. Mystery is always fun and keeps me hooked, which a part of why The Question is so awesome.

2. Rags, not Riches

Unlike a lot of comic book heroes, Vic Sage is not rich, doesn't have cool gadgets, or superpowers. He is very different and not someone you would expect to be a vigilante. He does not look glamorous, is not equipped with many weapons, and does not look like someone you would trust to save your life. Everywhere he goes, he is usually one of the most, if not the most unconventional and out-of-place heroes. That is why I like him. It is always nice to see change and difference.

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3. Personality

The Question is a dark and possibly crazy guy. He is paranoid, had a rough childhood, and always had a strange aura around him, which could freak people out. However, he is highly intelligent and is a hero. He has flaws and is far from perfect. In the past, he has shown to have violent tendencies, once beating up a drug dealer in college when he gave Vic LSD. He grew up as a troublemaker with the troubled past. The Question possess a cool, calm, collected, creepy, and charismatic personality.


I got into The Question, and most of DC Comics through the DC Animated Universe. He was simply amazing in "Justice League Unlimited." He stole every moment he was in. He's a paranoid conspiracy theorist with a strange relationship with the Huntress. According to him, he's a "well-known crackpot" and even Batman called "wound a little bit tight." The Question always brought in the laughs and plays a significant role in the Cadmus storyline. I can think of many moments of him in the show that never get old for me. Voiced by Jeffrey Combs, The Question was absolutely perfect in the DCAU which made me love him.

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5. Legacy

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The Question inspired Rorschach of the Watchmen, who is cool as well (not as much as the Question, though). I don't want to get too much into it, because it's The Question's blog, not Rorschach's. He is my favorite Watchmen and made the Watchmen movie/comic much more enjoyable for me. Also, he brought down the mantle to Renee Montoya (although I prefer Vic), who was not a bad successor.

6. Looks

I mean, he just looks simply awesome.

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