Why Superman is Awesome

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This will be the last blog I will posting until Tuesday, since I will be gone from tomorrow to Monday. So, I decided to go with someone big. On my list of favorite DC heroes, Superman is number thirteen, which is still pretty good considering how much I love DC.

1. The Origin

Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Kindly couple. Superman. Kal-El's origin is no doubt one of the most well-known, if not the most well-known origin of all-time. It's a total classic that will never get old. His parents send him off to Earth so that he can live his life. He's found by the right people, the Kents, and is raised on a farm to later become the hero I love. Clark discovered that he was different and used that power to do great things.

2. Superman Family

He has one of the best families in comics. Supergirl, Superboy, Krpyto the Superdog, Steel, and Power Girl are all awesome characters. Supergirl, Superboy, and Power Girl especially have evolved into their own characters, separate from Superman and have been successful with it. His allies actually makes Superman a stronger character.

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3. The Rogues Gallery

On the flip side of his allies, Superman has some of the best villains of all-time. Some might even argue that Luthor is the best comic book villain of all-time. Debatable. Outside of Lex, he faces against Metallo, Parasite, Doomsday, Darkseid (sometimes), Mongul, General Zod, Brainiac, Bizarro, and so much more. His rogues gallery has many well-made villains. To people that call Superman overpowered: look at how powerful his rogues are. Come on.

4. The Man

What I like to say about Superman is that he's probably more human than any of us. He's what a human should strive for. He's incredibly kind and tries his very best to protect everyone, even his enemies. I don't see how you can hate a guy this kind. Yes, he's fictional, but I can't help but smile when he takes the time to help those in need. He has shown to take the time to help a boy replace a bike tire or stop a girl from committing suicide. Clark notices the little things and does a lot to help, with his genuine love. Some complain about Superman being boring, but that's not true. I admire that he's a boy scout because he's a contrast from today's vigilante anti-hero.


5. The Alien

Now the alien aspect of him. Superman's obviously very different from regular humans. He basically stands as a god among others. However, one thing that I like, is that Superman does not abuse his power. The same can't be the said for else-worlds but that's else-worlds. My favorite thing about Superman is that he's basically choosing to help the world even though he could of dominated it. His powers are iconic and I love seeing him brawl it out with a formidable foe.

6. Lois Lane

This section is for Lois Lane, maybe the most famous comic book love interest of all-time. She's smart, brave and is the love for Superman. She adds a lot to Superman and his stories because she helped humanize him. She trusted Superman and accepted him. That means a ton. I seem to like the stories that have Lois playing a significant role. She always makes Superman better.

7. All-Star Superman (SPOILERS)


Oh my goodness. All-Star Superman is the best Superman story ever. The writing is simply spectacular. If you haven't read it, GO READ IT. Or at least watch the movie! All-Star Superman perfectly portrays the big blue boy scout. Grant Morrison is a writer who gets him. Basically, Superman is dying and is spending his last days. He truly wants to help Luthor become good, who rejects that. Clark does many good deeds, including saving the Kryptonians who caused him nothing but trouble, and taking his time to stop a young girl from suicide. All-Star Superman gave me chills all over and made me realize how awesome Superman is.

8. World's Finest

Superman and Batman. The two most famous comic book characters of all-time teaming up. The two create such a great friendship. Two very different characters that have their conflicts, but still respect each other. Batman is the darkness while Superman is the light of hope. Both of them contribute something to the partnership and is the two have strong chemistry together.

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