Why Spider-Man (Peter Parker) is Awesome

Since I've been really busy, it's been more than a month since I last posted a blog entry in my "Why ___ is Awesome" series. So I decided to take the time that I have to write one for good ol' Peter Parker.

1. Relatable

A big part of Spider-Man's appeal is now relatable he is. He's not a billionaire like Bruce Wayne and he's not an alien like Superman. For most of Spidey's history, he was the awkward high school/college geek like me. I think of many times where I have encountered "typical Parker luck." He had greatness thrust upon him and had to deal with it while also dealing with the same problems that you and I might have face/faced in school. Parker isn't an idealistic super-heroic guy, or is he an ultra-badass. His personality seems more realistic and therefore more relatable.

2. Great Power

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Spider-Man's powers are just plain awesome. It was original (before all the clones) and always entertaining to see. He has spidey-sense, crawls wall, shoots webs, and swings on New York's skyscrapers. It always seems to me that even though he doesn't have the most powerful power-set out there, a lot would love to have his powers over those of more powerful characters. A big chunk of superheroes is seeing them fight and Spider-Man's fights are always fun!

3. Great Responsibility

I love Spider-Man because he has great responsibility. I can always count on him to do the right thing. He has a great big heart and is a true hero. Peter has strong willpower and despite his playful demeanor, will do anything to save people. He always puts others before him. It's hard not to care for him because he is so loving and caring. Please come back, Peter Parker, we miss you!

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4. Love/Relationships

Peter Parker has two of the greatest love interests in comics of all-time: Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson. I've stated many times that relationships and supporting casts add so much more to the main character. Gwen and Mary both fleshed out Pete and made me care for him even more. Gwen's death in "Death of Gwen Stacy" is no doubt one of the greatest, if not the greatest, deaths in comics ever. It made a huge impact to comics and more specifically to Spider-Man as a character. And it's not hard to care about Peter's relationship with Mary Jane. Spider-Man is usually loved by everyone for many good reasons. I really like how his supporting cast have become his family and they are closer than most heroes' supporting cast. Relationships and interactions are half of what makes a fantastic character.

5. Aunt May

This is a short section that is related to my previous point. Aunt May is one of the most well-known supporting characters in comics. She has always been there for Peter and always brings heart into his stories. Scenes with her always add more depth into Spider-Man and sometimes bring emotion, which is always good.

6. Humor

Marvel is sometimes known to be the lighter side of comics' "Big Two." Spider-Man is really a big reason of that. He brings lightheartedness into every scene. His one-liners, punchlines, and reactions to situations always make me laugh. In the middle of so much seriousness, it's always awesome to have a character that make you smile. Check out scans that I have provided to lighten up your day!

7. Spider-Man and Wolverine

Best. Marvel. Duo. Ever.

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