Why James Gordon is Awesome

For tonight's blog of my series "Why ___ is Awesome," I'm writing about someone a little different from the type of character I'm used to writing about, Commissioner James Gordon.

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1. "Normal"

Gordon doesn't have powers. He doesn't even have amazing fighting skills or intellect. He's just the police commissioner of Gotham City, who's not afraid to fight for the city. He's no vigilante, but just an ordinary folk standing up for what's right, dedicated to his job. It's hard not to love James Gordon because he's relatable. There are times when we feel powerless and that there's nothing we can do, caught in a world of higher powers (and in his case, aliens and monsters), but he shows that we can still fight.

2. Ally

Commissioner Gordon is a long-time supporter and ally of Batman. He's a partner in crime, and also one of Batman's best friends. The two share a love for protecting the city, although they believe in different ways of doing so. He's an ordinary man living in a strange time and rightfully so, a time to be scared. Yet he stands alongside Batman and has aided him many times. The two have a unique bond and mutual respect for each other and what they do. I also feel like sometimes Gordon actually knows who Batman is, but doesn't care. All the matters is that Batman is doing good, and he trusts that. Batman gives Gordon hope that encourages him to help Gotham City. Gordon gives Batman hope that ensures him that one day the city won't need Batman anymore.

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3. Mistakes

He is as human as you can get. His imperfection adds onto a layer of depth onto him. He may Gotham's finest cop and a righteous hero that the public loves, but he has does things that he isn't so proud of. For example, cheating on his wife, Barbara. It has been through hard times, arriving in Gotham City and rising all the way to Commissioner. He's had to make tough choices and has endured much, like in "The Killing Joke" (even though that isn't exactly canon). But time and time again, he rises above it all and puts it all behind him in order to save the city.

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4. The Family

Gordon's family is pretty dang abnormal. His daughter is vigilante Batgirl, sharing both her father's and Batman's ideals. His son is a psychopathic murderer. He's cheated on his wife and they divorced some time in their marriage. Background stories, particularly family, add a deep aspect to characters. He struggles with whether or not Barbara should be Batgirl, and struggled with her losing her legs. He struggles with his son, who he doesn't want to hurt but yet needs to bring to justice. Gordon is ashamed of how he treated his wife. All of these tough decisions and interactions with his family makes him who he is, which is a compelling character.

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Like what you see? I know he isn't the most popular character, but yeah. Comment below on Gordon! Read more: Why ___ is Awesome