Why Harley Quinn is Awesome

The next character I'll write about for my series "Why ___ is Awesome," is Harley Quinn.

1. Mad Love

What made Harley such an interesting character when she was first introduced in "Batman: The Animated Series," was that everyone wondered why she was so in love with the Joker. How could anyone love the Joker? Immediately people were hooked on. It adds a character depth to her and I honestly always felt sorry for her. Sure, the New 52 has taken her into a different direction, but New 52 Harley isn't who I consider to be the "real" one. She's stuck in this repetitive cycle and people in abusive relationships might unfortunately relate to.

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2. Why So Serious?

For most of her history, Harley has been the fun of Batman's dark world. Sure the Joker is, well...the Joker and is humorous, and Harley has a tragedy attached to her, but she is still an incredibly fun character who could make you chuckle every time she was on panel. She hasn't really been able to do that in the Suicide Squad series, but I have high hopes for the current Harley Quinn series. Her playful and psychotic personality with almost of an innocence to her make her so funny and amusing.

3. Interactions

Because Harley is so fun, she never fails to have great interactions with everyone she meets. Whether it's Batman, the Joker, or Poison Ivy, she's able to create awesome relationships that you can't hate. How boring would be if Harley had no chemistry with anyone? Quite. She's able to share the comic book panel with anyone and create some laughs. Her best friend (more than friends) relationship with Poison Ivy is fantastic. Her classic Pre-52 relationship with the Joker is honestly one of the my favorite comic book couples ever.

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4. Batman: The Animated Series

Definitely my favorite version of Harley is Bruce Timm/Paul Dini's Harley in "Batman: The Animated Series," which is her first ever appearance. Her design was perfect. She was voiced perfectly. Harley was always adorable, funny, yet sad. She steals every scene she's in. See episodes like "Mad Love," or "Harlequinade," or "Harley's Holiday," and you would know.

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Really short one here. But hope you agreed! As always, click here for more: Why ___ is Awesome.