Why Hal Jordan is Awesome

So continuing with my series "Why ___ is Awesome," I will write about Hal Jordan this time!

Here are reasons why I think he is awesome:

1. In Blackest Night and Brightest Day

I'm not talking about the story "Blackest Night," but rather the idea that Hal Jordan has been through really black nights. He witnessed Coast City's destruction. He has been host to both Parallax and the Spectre, distancing himself from his loved ones. Hal has been on and off with both Carol Ferris and as a Green Lantern. However, (*cue epic music*) he always rises above it all and has truly experienced really bright days! There is no denying that he always pushes through, every time showing why he deserves to be a Green Lantern and that even Parallax or the Spectre couldn't hold him forever. Coast City is representative of who Hal is. 7 million people killed in its destruction and was unwanted. But later, they were inspired by Jordan's willpower through adversity and allowed for him to redeem himself, choosing to stand up for their city. Coast City is the "City Without Fear."

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2. Sinestro

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Hal Jordan's long-time rivalry is no doubt one of the greatest rivalries in comics. The two started out as GL partners in crime but grew apart, due to Sinestro's questionable actions. For as long as I can remember, they've been at it, constantly competing, but sometimes even being allies. Despite Sinestro's arrogance, he has an underlying respect for the greatness of Hal Jordan. He said, "Hal Jordan--the greatest of all the Green Lanterns. The inspiration he left behind continues to grow bright. He was the spark that started an everlasting fire." He even said to someone, "I've seen men fall much farther into darkness and claw their way back up, but you...you're no Hal Jordan." It's a rivalry with great depth and that's something I love about Hal - that Sinestro is always clashing up against him.

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3. Origin

Geoff John's origin on Hal Jordan in "Green Lantern: Secret Origin," makes Hal's origin one of my favorites ever in comics. Here you have a cocky test pilot who all of a sudden encounters a dying alien. This aliens hands him a mysterious ring, and at this very moment, greatness is thrust upon him. He wasn't born with incredibly powers but he is a man without fear, possessing the indomitable will to be great. Being a corps led by the Guardians, it is important that Hal is someone who disobeys authority without hesitation to do the right thing. It's a classic origin that makes him just a compelling character. The Green Lantern movie didn't exactly do a...nice job...

4. Green Lantern

I mean, this point applies to all Green Lanterns. The Green Lantern ring is such a cool weapon and makes for entertaining fights. As a GL, Hal is involved in the entire Lantern mythos, which Geoff Johns wonderfully expanded and crafted. There's the Sinestro Corps, Indigo Tribe, Star Sapphires, Orange Lantern, Blue Lanterns, Red Lanterns, and many great villains. Geoff Johns' run on Green Lantern is a revolutionary one and Hal is often in the front of all this. Stories like Blackest Night, Sinestro Corps War, and so on make you appreciate Hal Jordan and the rest of the Lanterns.

5. Black Lantern Hal Jordan

Heck ya.

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6. Krona

He killed Krona! Even though the Guardians stated that it's impossible for anyone to have the will to kill a Guardian.

Amazing feat of will.

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