Why Green Arrow is Awesome

Tonight I'm writing about one of my favorite heroes, Green Arrow, as part of my blog series, "Why ____ is Awesome."

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1. Good ol' Bow & Arrow

I'm a big fan of arrows. I don't know why. Maybe because they aren't noisy like guns and have room for creativity. Ollie is the best archer in the DC Universe and I love seeing him shoot arrows. Writers have the chance to give him loads of different arrows for the readers' enjoyment. I find myself wowing more at Green Arrow's amazing accuracy feats with the arrow, than people shooting guns.

2. Team-Ups

Green Arrow is a generally likable guy who can interact well with others. I loved his friendship with Hal Jordan (read Green Lantern/Green Arrow!), with Barry Allen. He and Harley made a great on-panel duo in Injustice. He plays off nicely with Batman, and has great chemistry with Black Canary. Ollie also has a decent relationship with his son, Connor Hawke.

3. Supporting Cast

Green Arrow has a strong family. I like characters that have a "family" in comics. It really makes them stronger characters. The family includes Black Canary, Roy Harper, Mia Dearden, and Connor Hawke. Along with his family, his supporting cast includes his villains. He's never been one to have a well-known rogues gallery, and it is quite small. However, I personally like it because it has loads of potential. Villains like Count Vertigo, Merlyn, Onomatopoeia, Brick, Clock King, Komodo, and Cupid are interesting and should be explored more. Add in Deathstroke, Doctor Light, and sometimes the League of Assassins, and you could have a great rogues gallery.

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4. Black Canary

One of the most charming blondes in comics, and Green Arrow has her. They have fantastic chemistry and are always fun to see. Ollie truly cares for his "pretty bird."

So many feels
So many feels

5. We Understand Him

Ollie is relatable. And by that, I don't mean that we all can connect with his archery skills, his badassery, or his wealth. What I mean is that Ollie is human and it's easy to root for him. Like most street level heroes, he has absolutely no superhuman powers. He's made many mistakes in his vigilante career and isn't perfect. He's humble and down to earth. He's not afraid of voicing his concerns, which can be hilarious because we understand him. Ollie, angry, killed Prometheus and had to deal with the consequences. Green Arrow is just someone who wants to help people.

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I should also probably mention that green is my favorite color and no one rocks facial hair better than Green Arrow!

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