Why Dr. Doom is Awesome

For my blog series, "Why ___ is Awesome," I'm writing about one of Marvel's greatest villains: Dr. Doom, Victor von Doom.

1. Background

As a child in Latveria, his mother was killed when she called upon Mephisto. Not long after, Doom's father left the family and dead, leaving Victor by himself. Although it may not seem like it on the surface, but after some digging, you learn that Dr. Doom is a complex and tragic character. Left without his parents, he sought out to bring his mother back from Mephisto. In doing so, with his arrogance as his downfall, he scarred his face, got expelled from college, and created a long-time rivalry against Reed Richards. He is an example of tragedy and competition slowly destroying the character of someone.

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2. Perfection

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I have to admit, Dr. Doom has a lot of reasons to boast. Starting as an orphan in the small country of Latveria, he used his brilliant mind to become one of the world's greatest humans. He learned sorcery and had the intelligence to achieve greatness. Like Batman, he possesses the willpower to strive towards perfection and would probably have been one of the greatest heroes if he was good. Doom's amazing brain and dedication attributed to his success. Despite not having superpowers or anything like that, he built himself up from the bottom all the way to the top!

3. Reed Richards

His rivalry with Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, is legendary. The two most intelligent humans on Earth, competing against each other. In a way they are so similar, yet so different. The two always make more dramatic and interesting confrontation and it's always awesome seeing them clash. Doom really hates Reed but there's almost a little bit of fear, mutual respect, and jealousy for each other. He has a rivalry with the Fantastic Four as a whole, but mainly Richards, and it's a relationship that should be explored even more.

4. Latveria

Dr. Doom is the ruler of his home country, Latveria. An example of his greatness is him putting himself as the ruler of Latveria, through a dictatorship. Through fear and intimidation with his Doombots, he has made the country into a safe place, surprisingly. And the small country has become a greatly feared and powerful country in the world. He has willed himself into a powerful commander and leader. I'm not saying that I'm supporting his dictatorship, but I'm saying that unlike most villains who want to take over someplace, Dr. Doom has actually done it and has been leading Latveria for quite some time.

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5. Doom

Because he's Doctor Doom. And he's a badass with confidence and crazy arrogance. He has fought against powerful foes and has come out on top. Everyone is scared of him and rightfully so.

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