Why Dick Grayson is Awesome

The title says "Why Robins are Awesome" which is a big error on my part. I apologize

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1. Personality

Dick Grayson is very loyal and is a great people-person. That is why he's such a good leader. He's stood by Batman for a long time and still keeps strong connections with old teammates and friends. Dick understands Bruce. He's a great light contrast to the dark and brooding Batman. He's dedicated and brave but also friendly. There's a reason why some may actually prefer Dick over Bruce. This is probably because of their different personalities.

2. Nightwing

Although Dick Grayson was the first Robin, his true stardom arrived when he became Nightwing. It proved him as a capable hero and he was no longer branded as Batman's sidekick. To me, Grayson is pretty much the epitome of character growth in comic books. He managed to get "Nightwing" solo series and make a major team member in many teams throughout DC history.

3. Teen Titans

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I grew up watching the "Teen Titans" animated series, which had Dick Grayson leading the young heroes. Tying in to the last couple points, Grayson's great personality and growth makes him such a great leader. He has played major roles in the Outsiders, Young Justice, and even the Justice League. It makes him so much more awesome with the fact that he's not just a capable solo character as Nightwing, but an amazing team member. Part of the reason why I think he is awesome is through his portrayals in "Teen Titans" and "Young Justice."

4. Batman

He.became.Batman. And he was good at it. Fantastic, actually! I still prefer Bruce as Batman, but I wouldn't mind Dick taking on the mantle when Bruce is not available at the moment. During Grant Morrison's run, he's been Batman and was an entertaining team along with Damian Wayne. Dick as the Caped Crusader was handled so well in Morrison's run and the amazing "Black Mirror," that I earned a heck of a lot more respect for him. This is pretty much me repeating myself: Dick Grayson experienced major character over the years.

5. Villains

A short point I want to make is that I am fond of his rogues gallery, which includes Deathstroke, Saiko, Blockbuster, Two-Face, Joker, and so on. Deathstroke, his ultimate enemy, is one of my favorite villains of all-time and has evolved into a big threat to not just him but many super-powered beings. Saiko is fairly new but I loved him right when I saw him. He shares a few villains with Batman, which is not bad at all, considering (in my opinion) Batman has the greatest villains.

6. Barbara Gordon/Damian Wayne

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I expressed many times in the past that I think half of what makes a character awesome is their relationships and interactions. Here we have two of my favorite duos. Babs+Dick and Dick+Damian. Starting off with Damian and Dick, while Bruce was presumably dead, Dick became Batman while Damian became Robin. I was impressed at Dick giving Damian a chance to be Robin, who later said that being Robin was the best thing in his life, and Dick's ability to bond with him. As for Barbara Gordon, Babs and Dick is one of my favorite couples in the DC Universe. They have a long history together and really seem made for each other. Better than his relationship with Starfire or any other red-headed hottie, Dick and Barbara is my favorite pairing with Nightwing. When she didn't have legs, he made her "fly" again.

And these are reasons why Dick Grayson is such an awesome character. I originally planned to make this entire blog dedicated to all four of the "main" Robins, but I just could not stop writing about Dick.

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