Why Daredevil is Awesome

Today, I'll be stating the reasons why the blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen is awesome, being one of my favorite Marvel heroes.

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1. Handicap

Obviously, Daredevil is blind. I think that is one reason why he's so special. He's one of few superheroes that you can officially call "handicapped." That can be a good thing because it separates him from the others. It's also a nice shout-out to the disabled that they can still make a different even though they have some sort of disability.

2. Tone

Marvel is generally excepted as lighter than DC, but Daredevil stories are usually fairly dark. I'm not trying to say that dark stories are better. I'm not! But like point one, this is something that separates him him from the crowd. He's a breath of fresh air from Spider-Man cracking jokes every other panel (not a shot at Spidey at all).

3. Amazing Writers

Something I realized about Daredevil is that he consistently gets great writers. I don't understand why that is, but he's gotten Frank Miller, Mark Waid, Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Stan Lee, Ed Brubaker, and so on. Of course, with amazing writers, you get amazing stories. Daredevil's one of the top names that come to mind when thinking of a comic book character who's had consistent creative team success. Miller's run, Bendis' run, Waid's run are all stories that you should read. He has great stories like Born Again, Yellow, and a bunch of others. Matt Murdock is awesome because if you want to start reading about him, don't be afraid of picking a bad story, but for the most part they're good.

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4. Weakness/Vulnerability

I personally don't like a Kryptonite-type weakness. That means a weakness that doesn't make much sense and gets annoying after awhile. A cool part of Daredevil is that his weakness (loud sounds) totally makes sense. It's interesting to say that his powers can also be a weakness. His super senses have crippled him many times and it's realistic. Another thing is that Matt's flaws and mistakes feel real. He's a well-known Catholic. But he has failed many times and feels genuine guilt and frustration for not being the good Catholic he wants to be.

5. Love

Karen Page. After reading "Daredevil: Yellow," I came to see how much Matt loved her. He talks about the first meeting her and then talks about how he misses her. She dated him but later became a crack addict, selling his identity indirectly to Kingpin. She did come back and ask for forgiveness later on, which Matt impressively accepted. When she died, she drove him into deep depression. Going back to my last point, Matt's emotions were real and his story deal a lot with not just Daredevil, but also Matt Murdock himself. He's had some of the best relationships in comics.

Daredevil and Black Cat
Daredevil and Black Cat

Not to mention he got Elektra and Black Widow...

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