Why Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) is Awesome

Tonight I'm writing about maybe the greatest Marvel superheroine, Ms. Marvel (currently Captain Marvel), as part of my blog series: "Why ____ is Awesome."

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1. Redemption

Carol has been through a lot. Since she was young, she endured sexism from her father. She was always told that she couldn't be successful like men. In her history, she has been raped and had an unexpected pregnancy. Carol has lost her memory, lost her powers, kicked off the Avengers, and was an alcoholic. But most importantly of all, she redeems herself. In House of M, with reality warped, she realizes her full potential and becomes a greater hero. When reality is back to normal, she works hard to be the best hero she can be. She fights against all that she's been through and serves as an amazing inspiration to anyone in tough times.

2. Natural Leader

Even without her powers, Carol is a kick-ass lady. She was a fighter pilot, and served in the U.S. Air Force, CIA, and NASA. She's a very capable hand-to-hand fighter, as well. At one point, she was the leader of the New Avengers. It's hard not to like someone as strong as her, capable of inspiring and leading many. She's courageous, and caring.

3. Great Power

To me, Ms. Marvel (or Captain Marvel) has some of the best powers in the Marvel Universe. She's super strong, fast, and durable. She can fly, and absorb and project energy blasts. Carol possess an interesting ability called Danger Sense, or her Seventh Sense, which meant she could sense danger before it actually happened. On top of that, her powers were greatly augmented when she was Binary. Something important about Ms. Marvel is her potential. She's already a great heroine but somehow we can all expect even more in store for her in the future.

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4. Human

Even though Carol has cosmic/alien abilities. She's an incredibly down-to-earth woman. She is someone that you could go out and have a drink with. She has fun and simply wants to help others. We've seen her get angry and make tons of mistakes. As I mentioned in reason #1, she has gone through a lot of tough times yet endures. She's not perfect, not by a long shot, but I think that's why I adore her. Carol Danvers is lovable, tough, beautiful, intelligent, powerful, yet human.

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