Why Captain America is Awesome

These are reasons why Captain America is an awesome character @battle_forum_junkie, you requested it so here it is!

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1. "No, You Move"

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Captain Steve Rogers is a role model, without a doubt. He stands up for what he believes in. As shown in Civil War, he doesn't have the country or the general public decide what he can or can not believe in. He understands that you must stand up for your beliefs. You'd think that someone like him would be lawful neutral and blindly follow the laws of the United States. Nope. He stands for what is right and will continue fighting no matter what people say. I think we can all remember his famous quote. Check the scan on the right if you don't know what I'm talking about!

2. He Represents the American Dream

Obviously, Captain America represents America. This is not saying that the United States is superior. I'm not saying that at all. Rogers represents the American Dream. He symbolizes morals, truth, justice, and freedom, something that many nations strive for. It is something that our nation can not fully achieve, but that doesn't mean that Cap can't. Captain America is not an anti-hero. He is truly heroic and is someone that we should strive to be like. He is honorable and I can't say that he's ever went to the bad side.

3. He's Simple

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He isn't a super complex technology hero or some alien from another planet. Although those can make for some cool heroes, it's refreshing to see a traditional hero with nothing but a star-spangled shield. He doesn't over complicated things. He doesn't say "Oh but what about this," or "This wouldn't benefit me," or "The people might hate me for this." Without hesitation, he just simply does what is correct and what would benefit the people.

4. He's Always Been a Hero

I've read a lot of people say that Captain America went from zero to hero. That never made sense to me! In my opinion, Steve Rogers has always been the hero. Even as a scrawny kid, he fought for justice. The super soldier serum did not make him a better person. It didn't increase his bravery. It didn't increase his hard work. Steve Rogers was always the brave person who would die to save others without a hesitation, super serum or not. This point alone makes him a role model. Without though we don't have enhanced/superhuman abilities, we can still help others. He didn't need some kind of tragedy to become a hero. He didn't wait for some kind of sudden power to give him the responsibility. He's always had the responsibility.

5. He Punched Hitler

Pretty much.
Pretty much.

I do realize that I didn't put as many points this time, but I wrote quite a lot for each.

So tell me what you think! Excuse any typos I have on here. And please tell me if there are any character you'd like to see me do. But, I will only do it if I like the character (otherwise I would be lying on why I like him/her!).

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