Why Black Bolt is Awesome

With "Infinity" concluding today in comics, I decided to write about Black Bolt, as part of my blog series "Why ___ is Awesome."

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1. Leader

Black Bolt is the king of the Inhumans, superpowered beings who resulted from Kree experiments. What I respect about Black Bolt is that he's so awesome that he leads these Inhumans without inducing fear or forcing himself into power. Not pointing out names *ahem Dr. Doom* but usually leaders like this force themselves to become rulers. But the Inhumans love and respect Black Bolt so much they placed him as leader. He cares about his people. Many times, he still shows grace for his evil brother, Maximus.

2. Unique

To me, this character is so unique and always seems to stand out even though he doesn't say a single word. He has a tuning-fork-thingy on his head. He has a giant dog, Lockjaw, at his side. And not to mention, his name is FREAKING BLACKAGAR BOLTAGON (what?). He has cool powers (more on that later) and has an air of mystery to him. He doesn't talk. He's the leader of an oddball group, the Inhumans, similar to the X-Men or Doom Patrol. Black Bolt has such a powerful presence and is an unique character, no doubt.

3. The Gift & the Curse

In case you didn't know, a whisper from Black Bolt can destruct the city. His voice makes the toughest villains shake in fear. That alone is amazing. But what really adds to his character is the fact that he can't talk. He can't make the slightest sound or he'll hurt or even kill those around him. It takes immense willpower and control to never make a sound. It is badass that someone who's so quiet and calm can be so terrifying to his enemies.

4. Feats

Related to the previous point about his powers, he's so awesome because of how crazy his fights are.

B-Black Bolt?
B-Black Bolt?
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5. Medusa

Redheads, man. Respect Black Bolt!

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