Why Barbara Gordon is Awesome

I have time tonight so I'll write another one. I've written about Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain already. So, here, I'm writing about Barbara Gordon in my blog series "Why ___ is Awesome."

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1. Admirable Personality

I always loved Barbara. As Batgirl, she was fun, happy, yet extremely mature. She has a caring heart. Babs isn't a hero out of dark tragedy or obsessive behaviors, but she wanted to fight bad guys and help people. It was said really well in "Batman: Hush" well Batman described Barbara as wanting to "seek justice" and "to rid the city of the evil that manifests itself here, even though she knew the risks." She is a confident, loving, dedicated young woman who is attractively intelligent and mature and has grown much over the years. Part of why she's such an enduring character is that fans, like me, are fond of her, appreciate her, and feel great sympathy for her when she was crippled.

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2. Oracle

An essential part of her time in comics was when she was crippled by the Joker and became Oracle. Even though she had a major disability, Barbara was dedicated to fighting crime even if she couldn't do it physically. She is one of the smartest major characters in the DC Universe and she uses her skills to the best of her abilities. As Oracle, she became a crucial member of the Bat-family and leads the Birds of Prey.

3. Relationships

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Because of her lovable personality and her lack of tendency to shut off everyone from her life, she creates great interactions and relationships with those around her. She served as mentors for Cassandra Cain, and Stephanie Brown, and leads the Birds of Prey. She has a strong relationship with Batman and caught the heart of Ted Kord and Dick Grayson. No one likes a character that can only work alone and has terrible, boring interactions with other characters. Fortunately, Barbara isn't like that, which is a strong reason why she's awesome.

4. Dick Grayson

An expansion upon the previous point, is that I love her relationship with Dick Grayson. It is one of the most realistic, natural relationships in comics that I find myself always rooting for. They are two long-time friends who worked together, been together romantically, and trust each other completely. Dick has helped her "fly" again when her legs didn't work. And Barbara has always been the one to help him from going overboard and obsessive in his vigilantism. She's Dick source of humanity and a real life. This relationship that the two create makes both characters great.

5. Family Matters

An interesting dynamic added to Barbara Gordon's background is her family, which consists of her crime fighting father, James Gordon, her never-present mother, Barbara, and her psychotic killer brother, James Gordon Jr. Like her father, she wants to fight for justice and help Gotham City. It isn't hard to see that Barbara has received a lot of her admirable qualities from him. Her psycho brother has, in the last couple years, called for intriguing stories and tough decisions for Barbara, making her a stronger character.

6. Red-Heads, man.

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Well? Do you love Barbara as much as I do? Comment below!

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