Why Bane is Awesome

This time, I'm going with a villain instead of a hero. These are reasons why Bane is awesome:

1. His Personality is Different

Something you may not know about Bane is that he is a loving person. Most villains who think they are superior feel like they shouldn't help those below them. However, since Bane thinks he is superior, he has shown to help the weak and helpless, like children. From time to time he has done good deeds and is a respectful adversary to Batman. He acknowledges Batman as better than him and is a great team member when work with other villains (unlike the Joker). Interestingly enough, if you've read "Secret Six" (which I highly recommend), Bane is the voice of reason and knows when the others are doing something wrong. I will expand on this in later points.

2. Scandal Savage

Bane is caring towards Scandal, who in turn sleeps with him (non-sexual) to help him overcome his Venom addiction

Bane cares about her healthy diet
Bane cares about her healthy diet

In "Secret Six," we are shown an interesting relationship between Bane and Scandal Savage. He cared for her deeply and was a father figure to her. He may of come off as awkward to Scandal, but he's caring nonetheless, which totally threw her off.

3. He's Tried to Fight Venom

Bane is addicted to the super-steroid Venom. However, for most of "Secret Six," Bane was off the steroid. He knew it was bad and tried hard to fight it. Apparently he screams at night in withdrawal of the drug. You have to respect someone like Bane who actually tries to get away from something that is bad. He did have to use Venom in order to save Scandal's life but for the most part he refused to use it. Scandal Savage even took Venom herself when they were in danger because she knew how much Bane didn't want it.

4. You Can Sympathize With Him

Bane was born in a prison, in order to serve a life sentence for his father. He never had a childhood and suffered countless pain. You'd think that Bruce Wayne had no childhood, but Bane's life was even worse. You can tell from his interactions with others that he is very socially awkward because of his lack of interaction for a big chunk of his life. I don't know what others say, but I totally felt bad for him when he was trying to fight off his addictions.

Bane and his Osito
Bane and his Osito

5. He's Highly Intelligent

A common misconception is that Bane is a stupid brute who just punches everything. That is not true. Unfortunately, a lot of TV shows and movie (Batman & Robin...ugh) have not properly portrayed Bane. Even for Batman TAS, I was not impressed by Bane. In "The Batman," Bane is red. What? I thought "Young Justice" did an okay job and "Justice League: Doom" did a fantastic job. In terms of intelligent and tactics, "The Dark Knight Rises" was the best portrayal.

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Anyways, Bane is almost equal to Batman in terms of brains. In "Knightfall," he used tactics, strategy, and patience to take down Batman. He made Bruce tired, found out his identity, broke his spirit, and broke his body. In the New 52, the Venom also enhanced his intellect.

6. He.Broke.the.Bat.

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