sentinel mutant database

sentinels will destroy mutants

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  • powers/Ability to merge into a single being possessing five times the strength, speed, stamina, and intelligence of a single Tao-Yu brother

    Ability to temporarily increase the limits these powers by mentally drawing upon outside energy, while in a collective state

    Ability to communicate telepathically and teleport to each other via psychic/spiritual-link

  • powers/elemental control of fire,water,ice,air

  • powers/shoot a enormous pink beam of concussive force

  • powers/blow things up with his mind and also by his emotions

  • powers/illusion casting

  • powers/Basilisk possesses an overly-fleshy head devoid of all features except for sunken ears, a slit-like mouth, and a single centered eye socket. A camera-like device is located in this socket that allows Basilisk to control his superhuman mutant ability to emit a pulse of high-frequency strobe light from his brain. The light paralyzes any sentient being that views it, with the length of the effect varies depending upon the will strength of the onlooker

  • powers/Superhuman strength, endurance and reflexes

  • powers/Shape-shifting,

    Power mimicry

  • powers/: Bird-like mutation which gives him heightened agility, a beaked nose, finger talons, and wings that fold up along his arms and allow limited flight as Beak

  • powers/ Forming piercing, metallic tendrils

  • powers/Animal-like physiology

    Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, flexibility, reflexes, coordination, balance, endurance

    Genius level intelligence

    Accelerated healing factor

    Pheromone manipulation, razor sharp claws and teeth

  • powers/Telepathy

  • powers/Ability to psionically alter the memories via special "dream smoke

  • powers/Ability to enhance mutant powers

  • powers/Endopathy (Mental awareness/communication of body on cellular level), which allows:


    Anatomical Automatism (Ability to detach/reattach/animate/move own body parts)

    Accelerated healing

  • powers/Ability to disable any EM-powered equipment,

    Ability to scan and perceive existing energy fields,

    Ability to scramble the human brain's neural chemistry

  • powers/Cowboy is a mutant who shares a mental link with the four other members of the Thunderiders. The five mutants can project their collective physical skills, strength, and knowledge into another person without diminishing their own abilities in any way

  • powers/Super-human strength and stamina

  • powers/Crazy Legs had superhuman leg muscles which he could extend and gave him superhuman leaping and kicking ability.

  • powers/Ability to absorb moisture,


  • powers/Non-superhuman physical perfection ( peak state possible for baseline humans )

    Cyborg implants

  • powers/power absorption

  • powers/ability to ease others and persuade them to do as he says and has an empathic ability to read the emotions of others. He has also shown an ability to acquire powers of others, including a display of superhuman strength

  • powers/Astral projection,

    Plasma blasts

  • powers/shoot blasts from his hands

  • powers/unnatural intellect

  • powers/Increase his body mass without a change in personal gravity

  • powers/Electric manipulation,


  • powers/augmented strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes

    Hair coiled into whip-like strands, had clawed gauntlets

  • powers/search a person's mind for their deepest desires and allow the person to experience them in their own mind

  • powers/acidic sweat

  • powers/Ability to discharge bio-electricity

  • powers/Superhuman strength

    Adamantium skin and retractable claws

    Psionic ability to track individual brain patterns

  • powers/Optic energy beams

  • powers/Ability to alter size and mass of body

    Superhuman strength and endurance

  • powers/Omnilingualism (Active psionic translation field intuitively translates any languages he comes into contact with, including written, spoken or computer

  • powers/superstrength and stamina

  • powers/Ability to create "daggers" of light

    Ability to purge addictions from people

    Ability to heal with her light daggers

  • powers/low-level telepath

  • powers/Regenerative healing factor

    Retractable bone claws,

    Superhuman stamina and reflexes,

    Pheromone manipulation that suppresses his scent and alters emotions and sensory perception of others,

    Excellent martial artist

  • powers/Energy absorption and projection

    Superhuman physical attributes

    Ability to instinctively know present location

    Skilled marksman and hand-to-hand fighter

  • powers/Superhuman dexterity, agility, flexibility, strength, speed, reflexes, coordination, balance, endurance, senses, and intelligence

    Sharp fangs, claws, pointed ears, gray fur coat

  • Abilities Technopathy

  • powers/precognition

  • powers/darkness manipulation,glowing and pitch black body

  • powers/Darkforce manipulation



    Concussive blasts

    Ability to create solid constructs composed of Darkforce energy

  • powers/Implants a telepathic virus in the minds of others which disrupts the natural functions of their brains to cut off access to and override motor coordination, disorient their concentration, etc

  • powers/Ability to convert sound into light beams of various forms and intensity

  • powers/Plant manipulation

    Immunity to powers of Banshee

  • powers/Acclerated healing factor,

    Telepathy with the dead,

    Superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes


  • powers/immortal, though not immune to the effects of aging

  • powers/Skeletal structure is charged with bioenergy and his individual bones can be removed in pieces and used as razor sharp, high-density throwing weapons

  • powers/transform others into stone when they look into her eyes

  • powers/Ability to replenish his lifeforce by draining the bioenergy from living things

  • powers/technopathy,telepathy,telekinesis

  • powers/Has a living being on his chest that can produce "voodoo dolls

  • powers/make pyrokinetic explosions

  • powers/Megamorph

  • powers/Electromagnetic energy generation, flight, teleportation

  • powers/precognition

  • powers/radar sense,super smell,superhearing

  • powers/albino skin,power absorption

  • powers/Telepathy,


    Memory alteration,

    Mind control

  • powers/superspeed

  • powers/Interdimensional travel,

    Fanged mouths in the palms of hands,

    Ability to see and "read" mutant auras,


    Ability to duplicate a mutant's abilities once he has sampled their marrow

    Able to transform others into beings like himself

  • powers/Telepathy, retrocognition, clairvoyance, and precognition

  • powers/darkness manipulation,absorption of life force and souls

  • powers/feel the agony of the world and channel that into powerful plasma blasts

  • powers/Memory manipulation

  • powers/Precognition

  • powers/superstrength,invulnerability,bear like characteristics and appearance

  • powers/manipulate cosmic forces to warp reality to her whim

  • powers/ Absorb nearby energy (including kinetic impacts) and release it as electricity from left eye

  • powers/Superhuman physical resistance

  • powers/Superhuman strength

  • powers/possession

  • powers/Physical form composed of compacted grey matter,

    Telepathic abilities

  • powers/Superhuman durability,

    Diamond Form (capable of projecting diamond shards from skin

  • powers/Musical Empathy (Ability to gain different powers depending on which genre of music he listens to

  • powers/Superhuman physical attributes

    Psionic powers

  • powers/super intellect

  • powers/ice cream generation

  • powers/technopathy

  • powers/transform into a purple, spiky humanoid form with slightly enhanced strength

  • powers/Ability to borrow all the powers of Warclan,

    Ability to create shaped energy charges

  • powers/Ability to disintegrate organic matter

  • powers/Probability manipulation

    Superb marksman with various firearms

    Skilled hand-to-hand combatant

  • powers/Molecular manipulation,

    Energy manipulation

  • powers/Portal generation,

    Ability to bring souls to the afterlife

  • powers/Teleportation,



  • powers/red skin,two heads

  • powers/Electrical manipulation

  • powers/flight,energy blasts

  • powers/astral projection

  • powers/Ability to generate pyrotechnic flares

  • powers Feline appearance; enhanced senses and agility; healing factor; sharp claws, fangs and prehensile tail

  • powers/Dragonwing is a mutant with quasi-shapeshifter powers able to substitute parts of his body with those of a dragon. So far he has displayed the ability to grow functional wings and tail, and assume the claws and head of a dragon. The latter allows him to breathe fire

  • powers/Body composed completely of organic flame,

    Fire bursts,


  • powers/Plant manipulation,elf ears

  • powers/creation of zombie-like creatures