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Shadow of the Bat-Part III

March 13th, 1938
Bruce Wayne lands in Gotham City Airport, on a flight from one is there to receive him nor welcome him home. "Excuse me, can you direct me to the taxi?" and the man pointed him to the left. Taking the car to Wayne Tower was much too expensive. He had a sneaking suspicion that the taximan had swindled him. Bruce went up the tower and met his brother. "Bruce, what are you doing here? I thought you wouldn't come back for another eight months","Things change", Bruce said as he looked at the locket of his love,Talia. The building was dilapidated, in fact the entire company was basically dead. His brother became a surgeon, in the footsteps of his father. "What happened Tommy? Didn't Alfred tell you to hire Mr Fox?", Bruce demanded"He's colored. I won't hire the man, Bruce it's not right.", "Are you serious? What the hell is wrong with you? The Waynes are supposed to be accepting and open, not closed and bigoted.", " Bruce... I'm not head of this company... I never wanted to be... you are. Make your first decision"
And so Bruce hired Mr Fox. Within months, Wayne Enterprises was starting to get out of the ditch it was stuck in and helped to start making some profit. Thomas Wayne's career as a world class surgeon was established, however Bruce wouldn't speak to him after finding out his bigoted views. 
Alfred had passed away a year ago, and Bruce visited his grave in the north of Gotham. He had lost his parents, and now an old friend. He couldn't afford to postpone his mission. And, so he went to the grandfather clock in the living room of Old Wayne Manor and opened it...

How can a new live action Batman be pulled off?

Batman is human... so the superpower budget could be cut, but in general how would the style or the plot be? would it be campy(definitely not) or a continuation of the Nolanverse... maybe even darker? Having a TV show can make Batman so much more hardcore. Fighting isn't bloodless. Hands are broken, legs, fingers(etc) and this could be shown. Because its a show you could even convince WB to produce a darker Knight for 6 episodes a la Walking Dead to test it out as well. We could see more of Bruce Wayne's lifestyle as well... something that we don't see much of in the movies, but could serve as the way he gets his intel. Would you want to see Robin? I would... but at the start he would be only 13 and would only actually become Robin around 15/16. Would Batgirl be one of the many Bat-imposters? Would we see the Mob still in Gotham or has Batman already demolished them and the gold... does it start as Bruce Wayne just starts off as Bats or years into his reign as the Dark Protector of Gotham?


The Shadow of the Bat- Part II

February 13, 1934

"Bruce don't do this." said Alfred to the boy. "It's been years since they died. You need to move on.","Agreed." replied Thomas, Jr. He was not pleased with his young brother's decision to go around the world, chasing myths and the like. Not when he needed to complete his education and help run the failing Wayne Enterprises. "You're being foolish. I forbid you to go." but Bruce ignored Tommy, and walked on to the ship, sailing to Paris. He would not come back for another five years. "Well, back to business, I suppose." Pennyworth stated,"Yes. I'll need all the help I can to get Wayne Enterprises back to full speed, especially with this country going to hell in a handbasket. Do you have any suggestions?" "Yes, Master Thomas, hire this man" said the butler, handing him a picture, "Mister Lucius Fox. A man with considerable business skill." " But he's-" "Yes. He is. But that doesn't matter, Master Thomas," said Alfred, cutting him off.

May 30, 1937

Bruce Wayne has been going around the world for three years now. Currently he is in North Africa, under the tutelage of a Ra's al Ghul, an Arabic master of the martial arts. However it is his daughter, Talia who brought him here. After all he is still a boy. Ra's has taught him a great many things, but has put him through a test. If he lives, good luck for his next endeavor. If he dies, then he has failed his master. Bruce Wayne undertakes the challenge. Twenty men are sent to fight him, while his hands are tied behind his back. He first strikes the one closest to him with his heel, with such force that it kills him, and then using his sword, cuts himself free. Within twenty minutes, Ra's al Ghul is left smiling.
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The Shadow of the Bat- Part I

January 1st, 1929

     Bruce Wayne looks at his elder brother's medal, mounted proudly on the wall across his bed. He inquisitively asked, " where d'you get that?", " In the war.","why?", his brother did not answer. Bruce leaves his brother to his business, and runs to his parents. "Ready to go, son? I hear this picture is good."," Yes father.", then let me go get Alfred, so we can go.
     The movie WAS good. Full of action and adventure, just the way Bruce liked it! When it was over, all he could do was talk about it, and it more than annoyed his parents."We can go through the shortcut here," pointed out Thomas, and they did. That moment changed young Bruce's life forever.
     The gunman stepped out of the shadows, shooting Thomas in the head, and Martha in the heart. Bruce fell to his knees, and looked on helplessly, as the bodies of his parents oozed blood on the pavement. He glances at the gunman, but he runs away, back into the darkness; back into safety. Bruce will never forget him or the terrible act that he committed.

The Shadow of the Bat-Prologue

December 31st, 1918

    A time of joy in, where families enjoy the coming of a New Year, and the world has been relieved a war. Wayne Manor is no exception. Thomas and Martha Wayne sit in the bedroom, expecting a baby boy to arrive. "Hush dear, it'll be fine. Any second now the whole family will be..." DING DONG. "ALFRED! He's here!!!" as the butler opened the door, a smile appears on his face. " Ah, Master Thomas, welcome back!" "TOMMY! HOW ARE YOU, SON?", Thomas Sr. bellowed, interrupting Alfred. Thomas Wayne, Jr. was the heir to the Wayne Family fortune, and the son of Thomas Sr. and Katherine Wayne; Martha was not his mother. " Thank god, you're back! No son of mine will be stuck in bloody Europe when his brother's birth is imminent!" " Yes... How is Martha? is she doing fine?", inquired Junior, "Yes its going extremely we-","THOMAS, ITS COMING!", Martha cried, and they rushed over to the bedside. Wayne was a doctor, and he helped his wife through the labour. Finally, at the strike of midnight, the boy was born. Named Bruce, his face showed was utterly expressionless, staring at the face of his mother. "Somehow this boy will be special," remarked Thomas, to the disdain of his eldest son.