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  • Ra's al Ghul is 17507896596 different kinds of awesome. When done right, the villains that are not just greedy bastards/simply crazy really work, and THIS VILLAIN WORKS! Those looking to jump off the Joker bandwagon, here is your next stop.

  • The best villains are the ones that are not MWAHAHAHA evil. Light Yagami being a villain is arguable, but I think "hero" is a bit much, and his opponent is L who is definitely a hero. Light is an extremely entertaining character. If you have not watched Death Note, put away your anime prejudice and watch it anyway.

  • Man, Deadshot is awesome. I believe everyone who reads comics has an indy superhero they totally love (mine is Captain Marvel) and this is my indy villain. No justifiable motives, no insanity, just in it for the money and badass rep.

  • Jesus this guy is under rated. Everyone has a good time with his stories and his appearances in movies, games, and shows, but the over rated Joker stops this guy and several other excellent BATMAN villains from getting their chance to shine. His theatrics, outfit, powers, the whole 9 are absolutely terrific. Whenever all the BATMAN villains get together for something (BATMAN: Arkham Asylum, Joker's Asylum) he always walks away with some of the best, if not the best, moments.

  • Before Grant Morrison.

  • Dr. Doom is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and definitely my favorite Marvel villain. He can probably beat the ass of anyone else in Marvel. I know with prep, but an ass kicking is an ass kicking. Plus, say his name: Victor Von Doom. You know that is an awesome name.

  • Harvey Dent is gangster. Seriously, he is. He used to be BATMAN's partner, and now he is a psychotic gangster with awesome suits, a bad ass look, and a bad ass habit (flipping a coin is more intimidating than slowly smoking). Two-Face is epic.

  • BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES showed us how to make this character great and original. No one seems to have listened. Incredibly under rated (thanks, Arnold) this villain needs more attention, with his awesome powers and unique motivation. I know he can come off like a soap opera, but no other villain really does, so that's something.

  • If Professor X is MLK Jr., this is Malcolm X. Magneto has an incredible power, along with an incredible motive. The fact that he calls his organization "The Brotherhood of Evil" is a little much, because no one on this list should be so mindless they would admit they are completely evil and name everything they do evil and they are doing it in the name of evil. Seriously, Magneto does not see himself as evil, so the name needs to be retconned.

  • Hush hates and envies BATMAN. All he does with his life is plot against him. Possibly the greatest surgeon that ever lived, and an excellent marksman, Thomas Elliot is dangerous, with a generic yet somehow original look.

  • First off, she is hot (I am all about curves). Second off, her powers are unique, or at least extremely uncommon. Third, like all the characters in Secret Six, she is far from two-dimensional.

  • As green goblin, he was already my favorite Spidey villain. As Iron Patriot and all the things he did in that era, he became my one of my favorite Marvel villains.

  • Play BATMAN: Arkham Asylum, and you will see why he is on this list.

  • Darkseid seems to be Hades from space. I do not know much about him, but I usually like what I see.

  • I know she might not belong here, but I think calling her a hero is a bit much, and her best known appearances are as a villain. She is a classic femme fatale, and BATMAN's only true love.

    This is her ranking as a villain, and I like her more as an anti-hero then I do as a villain, which is why she is kinda low on the list.

  • Edward Nigma is a VERY entertaining villain, as long as the writer can come up with clever riddles. The world's best puzzler vs. the world's greatest detective? As long as it is done right, I will always be interested.