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    It does not matter who the opponent is, he can stop them. This guy has been my role model since...ever...and I could go on and on about him all day. The world's greatest detective and martial artist, prepared for any and everything, and masculine in an age where Edward Cullen is somehow accepted as a man. He is the first to do this thing without any powers or any drugs enhancing him, just hard work and intellect. And money, but mostly hard work and intellect.

  • Patriotism is definitely dying out nowadays, mostly because everyone's opinions are controlled by celebrities and their music. The fact that they replaced Cap with a guy with a gun proves my point. However, Captain America is still the real deal, and by far my favorite Marvel character.

    No, will not admit he is outdated, because I do not feel. that way. What IS outdated is trying to say everything is outdated

  • He is loyal to BATMAN to the death, and as a detective he is his best pupil. Tim is all kinds of awesome and has recently become his own man with the Red Robin title. I have always liked Tim a lot, but the fact that he shows so much respect to his sensei (who is the greatest) more than doubles my care for the character.

  • Love of justice, intellect, and hilariously honest, L is my favorite Japanese character.

  • Goku is incredible. We have watched him grow from a little boy into a man, and there was never a dull moment. He is outright suicidal when it comes to doing the right thing, with willpower that makes Hal look like a lazy ass.

  • Outside of Dr. Strange, she has an original superpower as far as comics go. She does not harp on about being a woman like most female superheroes, and I think she is totally hot (voluptuos > skinny/ripped). Plus, Paul Dini is all about this character, and Paul Dini is awesome.

  • I actually first heard about this character from the movie. Yes, the movie that everybody hates but me. I think this character is awesome. His powers are awesome, his outfit is awesome, his little club thing is awesome, and his day job is extremely interesting for a super-hero to have. If only he would have been involved in Civil War, I would have liked to see what side he would have chosen.

  • Another character I love that does not get enough attention. Why Marvel wants to run with Moon Knight and not a, you know, ORIGINAL character like this is beyond me.


  • The greek mythology, 8 year old alter-ego, and the cry "SHAZAM!" make this character one of my indy faves (although most of my favorites are under the radar). PLEASE MAKE A MONTHLY SERIES HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

    I am not talking about the kiddy series going on right now. I am not asking for anything dark, but something like The Power of Hope would be nice.

  • I have always liked the noir feel, and nobody has got it more than Rorschach. From the monloguing to the outfit to his methods, this guy is totally cool. I know that the Question is the same thing, but I picked Rorschach for being in Watchmen

  • I have always been a fan of trench coats, they make any guy look badass. Bo staffs > swords, more of a heroes weapon since it is more for defending and harder to kill with. The cards are what seal the deal for me, since I am a major poker guy. This is definitely the most stylish member of the X-Men, and the most underrated.

    Plus, I am a quarter Cajun myself. The other 3/4 is Italian. Yes, I do look weird.

  • I think this character is unpopular nowadays, and only because kids hate popular things to... be popular. I used to hate him, but characters like this need to make a comeback.

    Whether or not you like this character, you MUST respect him for what he has done for comics. This site would probably not exist if it were not for Superman.

  • The fact that this guy went all the way is infinitely admirable, although he is a dumb ass for doing it.

    Is it stupid if I say I was considering the same thing about 7 years ago in middle school?

  • This guy is epic. Healing, teleporting, guns, swords, grenades, and hilariously insane. The fact that he can go around mercilessly killing and still be hilarious is definitely a draw for me.


  • Jaime Reyes. Except for him using another character's title, I think this is the first step toward what new superheroes need to be like.

  • The trick arrows are cool, and make him a kind of "super trapper". I do not like when they take his trick arrows away from him, he is just another Dark Knight rip-off.

  • This character is what you call "stupid awesome".

  • My favorite Flash.

    Barry Allen is law and order oriented. While I don't like the wackiness of the Silver Age, I do like the heroes' morality from that era more.

    I have never liked heroes being replaced, so only he or Jay could be my favorite. The only hero replacements I'll give a chance are the ones that barely resemble their predecessors, like the Blue Beetles and Terry McGinnis.

  • I guess I am the only person that likes Mr. Fantastic the most out of the Fantastic 4, so I wil put him up here. Honestly though, I don't care about F4 that much.

  • I know I am always talking about how I hate heroes being replaced, but this one is different. Like Jaime Reyes to Ted Kord, he is barely the same thing. Plus, there is no debate that Bruce is still the real deal. BB is one of the EXTREMELY FEW replacement characters I tolerate, and that is because, like Jaime, he is not a total wannabe.