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a great batman book 0

Batman #1This book is another very good book from dc comics the new 52. this story collects the first six issues of the new Batman series written by Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Swamp Thing) and the art is by Greg Capullo (Spawn, X-Force). this story follows batman investigating a series of brutal murders in Gotham city, after investigating batman finds out that the prime suspect of these murders is his closest Allie Dick Grayson A.K.A Nightwing. as the story progresses batman finds out that ...

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this book is great 1

Justice League #1This is one of the best justice league books that i have read. it shows the justice league five years ago (at the time meta humans were feared), and how they ban together to face a common threat (Darkseid) and is army of para demons. this story also tells about cyborg's origin story. what is kind of weird to me is why did they have cyborg replace the martian man hunter.The art is drawn by Jim Lee (Batman:Hush, All star Batman and Robin) and is written by Geoff Johns (J.S.A, Gree...

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