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Top 10 Favorite Heroes/ Anti-Heroes of All Time!

So I've had a list of my favorite Superheroes of all time. But thinking it ever I have a lot of characters that have appeared in comics, aren't your typical superhero but in heroes in their own right. Note that characters from my Top 10 superheroes still remain in their spots it's just here I'm not talking about your typical hero. Almost like broadening the requirements to make a "Favorite Superheroes" list.

List items

  • Shouldn't really be a surprise. He's just so cool! I love him he is by far my favorite character. The Arkham games are what brought into his comics and comics in general. The day I got Batman Arkham Asylum from my cousin for Christmas is a memory I'll never forget.

  • Ah good ol' Spidey. Despite Batman being the character that brought into comics he was actually the first character I got into. I remember watching TASM when I was 8. It brought back memories of how I watched '94 cartoon.

  • Nathan Drake is by far my favorite video game character (well excluding Bats if you want to call him a video-game character). I love Nathan Drake because his personality mirrors mine. Humorous, lighthearted and more often than not overconfident lol.

  • This time I speak of the DCAU Question. Like most The DCAU is what brought me into Vic. Such a cool character. I was always crossing my fingers that he'd get his own cartoon to fit in the canon of The DCAU.

  • T'challa such a cool character. He's like an African American Batman. Speaking of that's why I have a lot of respect for the character. He's one of the first African American superheroes out there and I think it's cool that there are characters that are standing up against discrimination

  • Talking namely of The Question. Hate how Vic was handled in The New 52 but The Question himself in The N52 is actually pretty tight. However Pre-52 Vic Sage will ALWAYS remain my favorite

  • I love Cap because going by moral standards Cap is like the ultimate "Morally Correct" superhero. I will however say I do like his MCU counterpart more.

  • I'll be honest I never liked Diablo much. I was in the minority of people who actually knew he who was before he was announced as a character for SS. But I think SS changed my perspective of that.

  • I know I cheated again putting a whole team but It's my list! BACK OFF! JK. I'll rank em' here

    1. Leonardo/ Splinter

    2. Michelangelo

    3. Donatello

    4. Raphael

  • I know cheating putting a whole team here but I'm a savage... it won't happen again though. (BTW I mostly speak of the cartoon versions/roster for some reason I always preferred them over their comic counterparts.) I'll rank them here.

    1. Cyborg/Raven

    2. Robin

    3. Beast Boy/ Starfire

  • I really couldn't finish this without at least MENTIONING Slade. He's so dang cool he reminds of Batman a lot but that's willing to kill. Kinda like Jason.