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The Greatest Superhero Cartoons Of All Time!

..In my opinion!

Obviously there's been some pretty cool Superhero cartoons. Today I'll be counting down my favorites.

Honorable Mentions:

-Just about every DCAU show that didn't make this list.

-So like Justice League Unlimited

-Earth's Mightiest Heroes

-Spectacular Spiderman


-X-men Evolution

List items

  • Being the Batman fan I am I instantly clicked watching this. Legendary stuff. From villains, story, and characters in general as well as astounding cast (Kevin Conroy Bats, Mark Hamill Joker)everything about it is great. There isn't even an episode I could tell you is just "good".

  • The dynamic between each member was fun and I loved it. Especially Bruce and Wally. It's kinda like how Ezra Miller described the dynamic between Barry and Bruce ( if you want to check it out.) I'll just close this off with Vic freaking Sage.

  • I adored the Titans because each was someone I could look up yo. Brave, Noble as well as enjoying being young. Not to mention they made me like Raven a character I hadn't cared much for before this. Not only that but she's my favorite Titan along with Cy.

  • Let's just get all of it out. Y'know YJ returning for S3!!!! Basically the same reason for #3

  • I honestly though I'd hate BB. A new character as Batman? STOP! I wish I could go back and tell my young self how wrong I was. Seeing Bruce in the mentor type position was cool and of course I couldn't have been more wrong about Terry.