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Why Luke Cage is the best of Netflix MCU Shows

Luke Cage quickly solidified itself as my favorite TV Show and in fact one of my favorite adaptions of a comic book property outside of a comic (including TV, Movies, Cartoons, Videogames, etc.). The portrayals were rock solid, the story was very tightly woven and there's a lot of emotion put behind it. However today I'm only going to cover why it's the best of the Marvel Netflix TV Shows. With that being said let's get this started:

3. Bold political statements

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Luke Cage has it's fair share of statements and plot points that are very relevant to not only the African American community but to the world as a whole. Prominent example: Police brutality. I believe that the whole idea of Luke Cage being bullet proof was emphasized with cops as much as common street thugs because of the recent controversy of police brutality. Just imagine how powerful it is when you hear about police shooting unarmed black men and along comes a black man who's bulletproof? It's taken to a whole other level, above just physicality but becoming an ideology. That people like Luke can stand up to them and have the courage to do it. It becomes even better with the Judas bullet. Not once did Luke ever cower or did he ever back down at the thought of a bullet that could very much hurt him and potentially kill him. Another example: Harlem. The whole idea of how nearly nothing is done to help ghetto areas or any place worthy of the name "the hood" despite young and older people alike being killed because of it. That whole idea also helps you sympathize with one of the series "villains" Black Mariah and even to an extent Cottonmouth. Both names lead me to my next point.

2. Better Characters/Character Development

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Luke Cage boasts some of the best character portrayals I've seen in a comic book adaption to date IMO. While some aren't accurate my point here isn't about accuracy it's about the characters themselves and their arcs to becoming who they are at the end of the season. Prime example is Misty Knight. The transition she goes through, mainly because of the experiences she went through (Diamondback nearly killing her, her partner being killed, assaulting a witness because of anger, etc.). Or Pop's R.I.P. :( who was to Luke what Uncle Ben was for Spiderman. What's even cooler is looking back into his past and how much he's changed, his associations with Cottonmouth, and how he worked his way into the hearts of Harlem just like he did to us viewers. And of course Luke himself played by Mike Colter. If you asked me to explain why his portrayal was so amazing I don't think I could do it however I can tell you a huge chunk of it is because of his undying morality. However the best example of change has got to be Mariah. The one who backed her cousin Cottonmouth through everything and then went on to later kill him because of sheer anger. The thing about her that changed the most however was her independence. She stayed by her cousin and submitted to Diamondback of fear only to later abandon him, plot to kill him along with Shades and finally took over Harlem's Paradise. Of course I couldn't forget to mention such great characters such as:





And finally my last reason...

1. It gets you invested every single time

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Luke Cage never fails to get me emotionally invested in plot points and characters. Why else would I cry um... be sad when Pop's died or when the truth about Reva. Even in the much more subtle moments when it was revealed Luke's best friend in prison was killed hit me in the feels. My favorite character in the series Booby Fish? I probably would've jumped off a cliff if he died. And finally the whole relationship between Luke and his brother Diamondback had me the most invested. Each second Stryker and Luke were on screen together I hoped they could reconcile even though I knew they wouldn't.

Well there you have it. If you haven't seen Luke Cage What on earth are you doing with your life get your priorities straight I highly recommend you watch it.