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Underrated Characters Marvel

Not everyone gets to be Deadpool, Punisher, Wolverine or Spider-Man. There are hundreds of people who make up the middle of the superhero & villain communities who if given a good writer, good artist and a chance could join the top tier

List items

  • A police officer from the Mindscape, had a series in the 90's which was pretty darn good. Then they changed writers, changed artists and now he's used as filler

  • One of the many inspired patriot creations from the early 90's. Cathy was reduced to running the Captain America Hotline...even though she's basically a female Cap!

  • Has powers, doesn't have powers. As powerful as Magneto then barely able to move a paperclip. She's possessed, depowered, misused and mistreated for almost as long as she's been in comics

  • This guy took over the Avengers with hypnosis because he wanted to lead them and make them better! Magic, martial arts and refusing to be totally bald whilst wearing a bathrobe

  • Lawyers are nasty, a lawyer with a photographic memory is totally nasty. Could be an excellent villain.

  • Poor man's Wolverine who is unable to open a door or get himself dressed. He didn't really think his choice of weapon through. Upgrade to cybernetics instead of just rigid blades and he'd be very dangerous.

  • He's Cloak without Dagger! He's Moon Knight without the crazy! He's Iron Fist without the baggage.

  • This guy should be hunted by the Avengers, he's like a super powered Punisher!

  • This man has fought Captain America with his feet. One of the most skilled fighters in the MU and they play up the French angle. Only once during a Wolverine story was he treated was he treated with any respect.

  • It's always vampires or werewolves for him, or a random ghost. I'd like to see him move to a city and become its protector, like a katana wielding Batman. It'd be safe from criminals AND the occult

  • How old is she? Seriously some days she's 22 and some days she's 9! Work it out, lock it in and stop having her go bad every five minutes. She could be a sword wielding Dr Strange

  • Northstar's sister. She's like him but faster and mostly forgotten. Cool costume to boot

  • Do you have powers? Well not any more! Stop writing him as dumb, have him expand his powers and he could take out almost anyone

  • Five Asian brothers who can merge into one

  • Why doesn't he just make gold? Seriously he could run a criminal empire by just making gold and silver. Hell he could work for the government for a ridiculous contract making uranium

  • How is he not running the world? Or a small country?

  • Black Captain America WITHOUT the preachy flag waving patriotism, think Luke Cage with a shield is how he should be

  • How this guy hasn't killed Spider-Man I don't know. Intense heat, frictionless body, impervious and smart...yet they always seem to trap him ashphalt or quicksand or in the ocean!