So with an angry heart and eyes full of rage...

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My X-Men Team

This would be my X-Men team drawn by Jim Lee & co-plotted by Brad Meltzer, alternative covers by Alex Ross

List items

  • He's blue, he's got razor wings and he's a moody bastard

  • He's a Summer's, he's got issues and he's even moodier

  • Older than dinosaurs, full of metal, he's a crotchy old bastard

  • He's raging, he's Cajun, he's a thief and another moody bastard

  • He's a mutant cyborg from the future who's older than his uncle Alex and a crotchy old bastard

  • He's a warrior of a decimated people, the brother of a dead X-Man and just so angry & stubborn

  • He's the son of a super villian and the world around him moves like snails, he invented moody!

  • He's half human half Atlantean. He's the first mutant and he just loves to angry at just about anyone at anytime

  • She's been killed, body switched, lost in time and her twin brother is Captain Britain

  • She's classed as a joke, nobody takes her seriously but her powers are actually quite dangerous

  • Intangible ninja mutant with a pet dragon. Case closed

  • She's mental, she's Canadian, her twin brother is gay and she can fly at nearly lightspeed

  • Her dad's Magneto, her half brother's Quicksilver, she's sorta with Havok and she has green hair

  • He's flamin' Australian mate!