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Marvel Mayhem Crossovers With Dallas

Detective Dallas Riordan of the NYPD is the unofficial nexus point of the Mayhem Universe, the centre if you will. This list shows who she has had interactions with...

List items

  • (Hate this pic, especially if its her as a superhero) The centre of the Marvel Mayhem Universe...well not really but possibly at least Kevin Bacon

  • The super villain killing serial killer Dallas is trying to stop

  • Dallas' partner from OCU (Organised Crime Unit)

  • Dallas tried to arrest Frank and nearly got blamed for a murder he committed using her gun

  • Dallas met Clint in a bar and thought he was Danny Rand, much to his protesting

  • Dallas made drunken threats at Wilson as he ate dinner, the big guy none too impressed

  • Dallas interviewed Melissa about her connection to one of the victims

  • Dallas, like most of the force, believe Code: Blue are glory hounds, headline hunters and jokes

  • Dallas arrested Cyclops for touching her arm

  • Dallas called him a ferret to his face and lived to tell the tale

  • S.H.I.E.L.D liason

  • In her younger days, Matt & Dallas dated for about a week

  • One of Dallas' favourite actresses, especially when she was on Secret Hospital

  • Dallas went to Dr Strange's house for help and Wong shut the door in her face

  • Leader of the Secret Defenders and not home when Dallas came a calling

  • Dallas spotted them, well Cadaver, as they headed into a bar when she was leaving

  • Dallas laughed at him and suggested Molly hit him with her car

  • In this universe Eddie Dyson has not yet embarked down the path of vigilantism, he's an officer in the NYPD

  • Dallas inquired about Thor's condition after his incident with the "Wrecker" also would like him to join the force

  • Dallas had to travel across the country to check if his murder was one of Scourge's, it was but the crime scene was tampered with to implicate the Thunderbolts

  • Dallas thinks if he really wanted to help, he'd hang up the mask and join the force! Hell, he'd be the police commissioner

  • Dallas think's he's a clown and should get his 60ft keister out of the way of traffic

  • Howard dropped Dallas off at One Police Plaza and she got stuck into him for calling her "toots"