Bafleck? Batfleck?

Quick...who is the first person to come to mind when you think about Batman? Certainly not Ben Affleck! I was flipping through Facebook last night and saw (through of all places) that the new Batman would be Ben Affleck. I immediately raced over to ComicVine (nice plug eh?) to confirm the news. I sat in utter silence for about 30 seconds and a million thoughts raced through my mind. The first was definitely "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" That was followed by "WHY GOD? WHY?" After much anger and many frustration induced reactions, I tried to think rationally. "I don't hate Ben Affleck. He could be ok." "Argo was good. He was really good in that." "The Town was good too. Maybe this would be ok?" Yet still, as I tried to convince myself that all would be well and that Warner Bros./DC Comics didn't potentially screw up another of their superhero movies, I just couldn't convince myself. Calls and texts were made to family and friends, conversations were had and all of us agreed...this was truly a bad choice. Then it dawned on me. DC and Warner Brothers have done this before. They've incited internet riots over their casting choices with one standing out in my mind...Heath Ledger. Nobody could get their head around why the studio would cast him as the Joker. The most notable movies he had done up to that point were 10 Things I Hate About You, The Patriot, A Knight’s Tale and Brokeback Mountain. A couple of goofy movies, a Mel Gibson flick, and a film so controversial people were proclaiming from the rooftops that they would never see The Dark Knight and that the Batman franchise was destroyed. Oh how everyone was wrong. Well...interestingly enough, we are in a similar situation. Ben Affleck has had a history of either being goofy in his movies, or just plain bad. Not to mention being really bad in a major superhero movie too! People are again making statements like they will never ever see Batman vs. Superman (if that is indeed it’s real name) and that Warner Brothers/DC have again destroyed a superhero franchise. But let’s hold up a minute. The Joker was a role that defined how great of an actor Heath Ledger was (unfortunately it consumed him). Could Batman do the same for Ben (without the consumption part)? Heck, Ben has proven he can act before, most especially of late, so I say let’s give him a chance and we could be pleasantly surprised.

Who’s with me???

Somehow I imagine crickets chirping after I said that...

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Origin Story - Episode IV: A New Comic Book Enthusiast

I’ve tried several times to start this blog...but obviously all of them have failed. That is...until NOW! (imagine big movie trailer suspenseful sound effects played with the NOW!) Truth be told, I’m lazy and never wanted to finish writing a blog post. I’m also super critical so whenever I’ve come close to completing a post, I usually delete it all thinking a) who really cares about what I’m thinking and have to say, b) do I really want my thoughts posted online for all to see, or c) I don’t think I could handle anybody’s comments or criticisms on my own opinions and thoughts. Well, today that all changes. I’m super bored and zero *insert plural expletive* are given. I thought I’d start with an easy topic. One that offers very little opinion on a subject and more of a origin origin story if you will, of how I came to reading comics and get into the characters, superheroes, and stories that I have grown to love and continue to take an interest in.

A side note here, I’m really into Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast and this is where I’ve taken my inspiration for this post from. In case anyone isn’t listening to this podcast (and all comic book and Batman fans should really check it out), each week Kevin has a various guest affiliated with Batman (voice actor, comic writer or artist, etc.) and breaks down with them how they got to do what they do, where their inspiration comes from, and what their connection to Batman is. I think it’s pretty cool and love finding out people’s they came to do what they do or like what they like. So at the end of all this, feel free to post a comment about your origin story. Maybe we have similar origins and interests and can join forces to create the next Justice League. Or maybe we will have vastly different interests and origins and could possibly end up on each other’s Legion of Doom. Either way, I’d love to hear what you have to say! Alright, let’s begin!

There were two franchises that stand out as my entry point into all things geek (and I use that term with tons of love and affection)...G.I. Joe and Star Wars. If anyone is reading this you probably understand the Star Wars thing. I mean, what’s not to love (except Jar Jar Binks)? G.I. Joe though, I’ve always felt alone on. I had a cousin and a few friends who were into the show a bit and the action figures, but I was IN to G.I. Joe. Comics, TV shows, movies, action figures, colouring books, posters, trading name it. It all started when I was really 3 years old. I obviously don’t remember much, because who remembers much from that age, but I remember my neighbours having a few G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures. Whenever they babysat me, they would let me play with them. When my family and I moved, they ended up giving them to me because I liked them so much. As I got a bit older, my dad, seeing how much I enjoyed them, started adding to my collection. He would eventually find G.I. Joe comics and would read them with me. He himself was a comic collector, and an army/history buff, so G.I. Joe was the perfect thing to get me into. More on him in a later blog - he was a big comic influence for me. My G.I. Joe comic and action figure collection grew and grew...I was totally hooked. I thought those comic book stories were great. I still think they are under-rated and often get forgotten amidst some of the great comic book runs. I’m still hooked on G.I. Joe too - not the action figures, but the comic is still on my pull list - even through all the ups and downs of recent storylines. With Star Wars, I think I was 7 when I first saw it and I loved it instantly. Every airplane became an X-Wing fighter and I must have re-enacted that Death Star trench scene a hundred times. I was never into the comics that much, but the movies, books, and of course the action figures I definitely was. I had two worlds that I could lose my imagination in. It would then be around this time I would start getting into another world...or two...

Alright, without boring anybody who decides to read this, I’m making it a trilogy so I can break up the story a bit. Stay tuned. That’s it for today, or as Larry Hama would say...“‘Nuff said”.

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And so it begins

This is it. For the first time ever, I am writing a blog.

I've been surfing the internet since 1999 and I have never written a blog. I guess I've never really had much to say or never felt comfortable to share my thoughts on such a public forum. When it comes to comic books however, I think I can muster up a comment or two :). So look out Comic Vine, there's a new blogger in town!

Stay tuned...

- batflash09