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"Great, Just when you think it's over", George murmured gathering himself after igniting what he'd thought was an entry point into the creatures brain. "Now we got this Krang looking motherfucker jumping up out of no where."

"Ha, Krang from TMNT," Sid said laughing hysterically.

"Same one", George replied.

"Zombie Krang, you mean" AJ mocked. "Brains, Brains for my Brain! Any contact from our teacher "who would never put us in harms way." AJ mimed with finger quotes?

"Nothing yet, So what's the new plan?" Sid asked looking between AJ and George?

"Does anybody have any idea about who or what that is?" George asked.

"You fight well, as a team, but you've caused me enough trouble, Now you face the Enforcer!" The Creature called out. Spit and mucus dripping from it's disgusting mouth as it read their minds to speak the language they could understand, but with a thick guttural alien lisp.

"The Enforcer, Ha, all those brains and you're still only an enforcer? Sid joked

"I got him", George said stepping out in front of the two." Twirling his new weapon in an impressive display. ( Piano music plays in epic fashion)

The enforcer flicks his tongue, and remarks how delectable and prime the fresh meat standing before him is, claiming he's wet his appetite, and throws a slashing right swipe at George. George retaliates with a punch of his own, sending the monster flying a short distance. Both taunt each others attack, saying they felt it just a little. However, AJ detects that it was George who took more damage, and he is simply bluffing (Minster X Durability is greater the non-venom bane I think). George realizes he will have to go all out in order to spare anyone else from the enforcers wraith.

A brief battle ensued, with George being countered (mind reading), cut, knocked over, kicked and almost stomped out while still on the ground. Before he was able to roll back to the safety of the group.

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"This guys good" AJ and Sid both exclaimed in unison. The enforcer stood smugly it's tongue, drifting out and weaving through the air in a taunting fashion.

Maybe somebody ought to tell him that we're the good guys, George said gasping for air as he clutched his side.

"Humph, Virus" AJ said. "You think you're a Virus! I've got your Virus right fuckin here!" She said charging and rapidly clapping her hands, as a multitude of copies popped out of her body. Ready to swarm the enforcer. A mental blast from the creature pushed the group back into themselves dissolving the copies in rapid fashion as AJ rolled backward into a flip landing on her feet, in style, but surprised.

Sid leapt forward, screaming at the beast. "Drop dead!" The Enforcer recoiled but a few steps, wiped at his shoulders and glared at them in a defiant fashion.

They all exchanged worried looks, then turned and ran...

"We've got to radio Arebelle, and get the hell out of here. Or complete the objective. I think I've discovered the real weak point." George said.

During his battle he'd been probing the creatures history.

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George didn't touch the virus spores but the dead creature they're walking on.



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Ah see, I fucking knew it, god damn dumb ass students, and that six armed cryptic idiot bitch! First one to jump off the bridge is your uncle. George thought, maneuvering around the alien virus cells as they attacked.

"Hey when we get out of here, remind me to say, I told you so!" He yelled kicking at the base of a large protruding piece of the now deceased creatures metallic hide, while bending from the top and snapping it off into a rudimentary battering instrument. Wrapping the end in a torn off piece of AJ's outfit, that'd left her midriff exposed.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

She'd narrowly escaped the sting of one creature, during the first rush but her clothes caught on a jagged piece of the creatures metallic flesh. Making her outfit appear as a new age ripped fashion item.

"Nice pipes you've got there, Sid was it, yeah."

Listen, stun theses fuckers one more time for me, and I'm going to bash there fucking heads in. He said. "Little miss, you got any gear or weapons on you, support Sid. Or sit there and look pretty;" he said giving her a wink.

It was a beautiful, if chaotic melody of "funk" and "rock and roll"; the blaring riffs from Sid echoing through the dead space. AJ running interference as the creatures turned toward Sid, but she laid down her fair share of damage too. But George, George was playing one sick drum line. With no mind, the creatures movements and attacks were predictable, linear, and pattern following.

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Well god damn guys, we'd make a hell of a group George said as the commotion died down. But I don't think we're done yet, they're coming back. As he turned to see the spores healing themselves. Reaching into one of his bags pockets he threw an Incendiary Grenade into the pile setting them ablaze. Crippling them further, if but only temporarily.

As a group they rushed toward the domed cavity housing the larger brain matter.

"Weak spot, the last thing Arabelle said was to destroy the brain we needed to find the weak spot." George placed his hand along the creatures body activating his powers, he collected some surface memories about the creatures defensive antibodies, recalling their losing battle against the deadly Virus. As its dead defenders awoke now turned into its attackers, a scene straight out of the zombie apocalypse.

Probing deeper, he saw the viruses initial entry point into the brain, and the tragic pulsing of neural chemical signals, discernable even if the create was alien. An SOS message rapidly firing for the more anti-bodies, but in vain. This entry was the weak point.

A small crack in the metallic outer shell. George rushed to the place, he placed a few Incendiary Grenade into the hole. Dentation and the last few fleshly pieces of the creatures gray matter eviscerated in the blaze.

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OOC: I'll go with The eight armed, Octoucroun: Organ: nervous system/brainstem. But in RP that previous post is what George says/asks before deciding.

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You all look towards the tables. You see nothing.

Sid: But I don't.... I don't see anything.

Arabelle XZ: They are microscopic. That is why I will be shrinking you for today's class.

The reactions to this range from excitement to terror; but Arabelle ignores that and pulls out a strange little device, a shrink ray of sorts.

Arabelle XZ: There are three different organisms that you can choose from. There is the Octoucroun; an eight armed creature from beyond the outer rim. A dwarf giant from Earth (3), and lastly, a Rivursa, an amphibious creature from Earth (8).

Arabelle looks at the class, ready to shrink each of you once you decide which creature you'll explore.

This ladies some kind of mystic, George thought remembering their previous encounter, she never gives any straight answers.

"Ah, excuse me Arabelle. George said, annoyance peeking through his voice at the sudden eagerness of his, seemingly foolish classmates and the less than open Professor.

"I don't mean to be rude with my questioning, but you can't just expect us to make this choice without at least a little more detail?"

"There's a saying in my line of work, its pretty old, but the skins still hold wine. A cautionary expression about preparedness."

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Anyone heard it before?"

"So if you'll would hold your horses a little bit, you maybe able to make a more informed decision." George said glaring, around the room at those so eager to leap from the battlements.

Hushed whispers spread among the students to Georges derision. But they quickly settled down as the small pause in his statement, gave them a chance to recalibrate.

"Are these creatures still alive, do they still maintain their bodily defenses?" "Were they originally microscopic and you shrunk them or this is their natural size?" "What was the nature of these creatures, how did they survive?"

"I mean," George said relaxing as the groups decision making mind came too. "I'm a fan of action, but we can't see them so there's no visual activity from which we can inform our decision. Are we to go by name alone?


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Silence and Shadow grew with each passing hour, as an inky night crept over school. It had rained pretty much nonstop since the suns setting, and the walls were sandy, slabby, and a lot damper then George would have hoped. In the gentle shower of the pale night, the soft droplets were refreshingly cool. Stealing the heat from the mornings blaze.

From a distance, even the sharpest eyes would've be hard pressed to make out the silky silhouette of a man moving quickly up the dorms outer wall. He'd chosen his climbing route well, a mess of vines had grown down this side of the wall, and his shape was completely broken up by the crisscrossing tangled growth of vines and falling rain.

It's funny how different things look in the night George thought as he scaled the outer wall of the school making his way to the roof with the dexterity and practiced motion of a skilled free climber.

Reaching the crest and lifting himself up to roof. George settled in. He hated sleeping in confined spaces. Here on the roofs in the still of the night this was his sanctuary. On his climb he'd found among the gargoyles, those ancient guardians of the night, one that particularly amused him. A grotesque head, jutting out from between the legs of a larger creature, it's tongue sticking out in a mocking fashion, hands comfortably resting under it's chin.

George, restless as usual after taking his 3 hour nap, had risen quickly. Finding his room mate comfortably a sleep, he felt no need to disturb him. He took note of the X shaped scar branding his already rugged features. Questioning its origin as he slipped quietly out the window.

On the roof he unzipped one of the folds of his pack. Pulling out his tri-rotor plane. He settled in for some late night reconnaissance. Taking aerial pictures of places of interest; windows, entrances, exists.


  • George goes to the roof
  • Does some recon
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Hey Kid," George called. Jogging across the hall to catch up to one of the few normal looking people there. Archimedes Young.

Though he was still skeptical of everything some normalcy would be good. "In a room full of freaks though, sometimes it's the normal looking ones who are the worst. He thought, Chuckling to himself.

Though still a youth, by George's estimation, Young seemed to have a solid head on his shoulders. I mean he wasn't flipping his shit about coming to a school like this at such a young age? A sign of composure if nothing else.

"What do you think about all this?" he said as he turned, off handily gesturing to the expansive campus, the big mess hall, and their new classmates? "My names George, George Upshaw. Nice to meet you."

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Leaning down so as to listen closely, and keep good mental notes. "One thing he learned in his past life, was how quickly and easily, little children could get lost in the shuffle. "Collateral damage." He wanted to keep good notes on some of the more normal folks. Incase they would need his help and protection. There are no good sides in the spy game, but he always brokered his information to save as many lives as he could.

"Where are you bunking at?" He asked rough housing, a little bit tousling the boys head in a playful manner.

OOC: George's powers are activated by touch, so my placing my hand on his shoulder was a friendly gesture, but also to activate my powers and gain some history about the character.

"All right looks like everything's set then, brilliant. I'll be in this room if you need." He reached into his pack for some paper and pin quickly scribbling his room down. Before turning to introduce himself to his two instructors.

"I think I'll take Anatomy first, the freaky lady with six arms, looks less imposing then this masked cat in Bio."

"He's kind of dead pan anyway", he thought, ease dropping on some of his conversation with other students. "I wonder if she's an alien, mutant, or some genetic experiment herself?"

Pushing past the crowd George used his big frame and broad shoulders to create a path for himself through the throngs of people. He paid no attention to some cries of protest, as students were shoved into each other. Carving a bee line for Arabella's desk. He introduced himself.

"Hi Arabelle, my names George, " he said, hesitating as to which hand it was proper to shake. Before finally settling on the upper most arm.

I'll be taking your course for the first half of the semester. Do you have a syllabus or some other course materials, I should take now?"

"Also what percentage of the course is on extra-terrestrial life as opposed to metahuman abilities?

If you don't mind me asking which one are you, an Alien or Metahuman? What about the head master? "

Satisfied with the answers. He headed for his dorm, before glancing down to take a look at the course board once more.

"Strange." He said taking note of a girl's name enrolled in every class. Now either she's a genius or somethings up. I've got to find out.

Looking up from the table he quickly found his target among the crowd. AJ Jennings, Spreading like some virus.

"That explains it", he thought. Making his way toward the closet clone. In his usual manner he made his way through the crowd.

"Hey, sorry about that. Excuse me." he said bumping into her, making sure to knock off her hat in the process. He bent in a quick fluid motion, scooping up the hat and placing it back on her head.

"That's a neat power you've got there duplication, is it? Not an illusion or time travel?" For a second I thought we had a genius at the school, or someone who didn't need sleep. You're not a genius are you? Do you sleep, with who? He said with a quick chuckle.

"Are you simultaneously aware of every version of yourself? That could be fun, painful too."

"Name's George Nice to meet you?" He said extending his hand.


  • Meets Archimedes Young
  • Introduces himself to Arabelle XY
  • Stops to find AJ, introduces himself.
  • Goes to Dorm