• Date joined:2015-02-12
  • Alignment:Neutral
  • Points:0 Points
  • Name: Trent
  • Aliases: "Oh my God," "Holy shit," "Jesus it's a dinosaur"
  • Identity: Public
  • Species: Dinosaur
  • Occupation: Doing Dinosaur Stuff
  • Gender: Cisgender Male
  • Height: 9ft.
  • Length: 23ft.
  • Weight: 3 tons
  • Eyes: Green
  • Scales: Blue-Gray
  • Age: Unknown
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description:

Trent closely resembles a tyrannosaurus rex, with some pointed differences. Considerably smaller and more compact than his earth-bound brethren, this Eristes native is only twenty-three feet long from snout to tail, and stands about nine feet high. His skin is durable but soft to the touch, scales bearing a bluish-gray hue but fading to a paler color towards the underbelly. Like a t-rex, Trent's forearms are incredibly small, which serves to be an endless source of frustration for him.

At home on Eristes, in an encounter with Jungala.
At home on Eristes, in an encounter with Jungala.

Of remarkable note is Trent's eyes, which bear a great deal of intelligence and gentleness, more than most humans.

More subtle differences show that Trent's frame is more flexible than that of a tyrannosaurus, almost catlike in nature. While he is by no means remarkably agile, he is more mobile and fluid than his larger cousins.


An incredibly gentle soul, Trent is compassionate and caring. While his intelligence is unexplained, even by him, it is nonetheless a fact that cannot be avoided -- the dinosaur is capable of speech and high-concept thinking, and even ran for a political position on Eristes before being disqualified (he was a dinosaur, you see).

An avid fan of tea, Trent could often be seen drying various leaves and concocting proprietary blends on his homeworld of Eristes. On Earth, he is having difficulty adapting -- especially when people keep shooting at him -- but he has also found a great liking for the tea of this new planet. Earl Grey happens to be his favorite, which he prefers to take with vanilla sandwich cookies.

Powers and Abilities:

Despite his small relative size, Trent is remarkably powerful even for a dinosaur. He attributes this to healthy living and a strict exercise regimen, which he follows religiously to keep his body in shape.

Able to withstand tank shells with only minor injury, Trent has a bite force of 11,000 pounds. While strikes from his tail are somewhat less lethal, he uses his tail's greater speed to swat more mobile opponents out of the air. As previously mentioned, he is also unusually agile, able to run, leap, and even climb with remarkable grace. This does a great deal to negate what might otherwise be crippling situational weaknesses.

While it cannot rightly be said that Trent has combat training, he is experienced with using what he has. Using his intelligence to gauge his own weaknesses, Trent does his best to utilize his teeth, tail, and feet to their absolute fullest extent.


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  • Lust - 3
  • Envy - 5
  • Gluttony - 4
  • Sloth - 3
  • Wrath - 2
  • Avarice - 2
  • Pride - 3


Trent has a number of very obvious weaknesses -- the most prominent being his total inability to attack an opponent on his back. He'll do his best to avoid this situation ever coming about, and should it, he will attempt to ram into solid surfaces in order to dislodge his opponent. Nonetheless, a great amount of damage can be done to him in this way.

In addition, Trent's vision is somewhat poor. While this is normally made up for by his sense of smell, it is nonetheless a quality that can be exploited with proper preparation.

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