Gearing up for FanExpo Toronto!

This past week has been a HUGE week for us at Basement Studios. I finally completed Issue #1 of Darkfell, which in its pre-launch at has already garned quite a few fans who have been supremely cool. Today the final proof got the green light to print, and so at FanExpo Toronto we'll be launching the print version of Darkfell, and epic steampunk fantasy about  a half-elven seer who is caught in an ancient conflict between magic and technology after it is discovered that the fabled Fetters of Wizardry are more than just a legend, and that their true purpose is far more sinister than anyone expected. Here's a sampling from the first issue:

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Better and better!

I sprained my wrist a few weeks ago, and I'm just getting back to the drawing board. Hoping to be in full swing in another 2-3 weeks... worst sprain of my life! In other news, we've gotten good reviews from and 3MillionYears, so here's hoping the fan base grows :)

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A peek at a future issue!

It's been a long week, and somehow, I only got 3 pages done. I am so ashamed! Nevertheless, here's sneak preview of the upcoming Issue 2! Jake catches a criminal in his own kitchen! (rough version)

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10,000+ Hits for January so far!

Well, 2 weeks into the Year of the Hare, and already we've gotten over 10,000 hits for the month!

I want to thank everyone who's been visiting, and welcome you to come again and bring a friend. ;) It's been a busy day in the studio, putting in tones and lettering on some new pages. Thus far we're at page 102 with fully completed pages, and we're planning on having a big week coming up. We've hit #5 overall on WeVolt, and for the 9th week in a row, we're in the Top 5 in the Weekly Rumble! Thanks to everyone who's been voting for us!

In other news, the prep for moving to the new site are still underway, and I'm filling my sketchbook with all kinds of neat stuff, including roughs for all the bonus pages that will go into the download and print editions! In Issue 2 we're going to have a glimpse or two into Jake's mysterious past, and down the road we're going to see just how much trouble one jackrabbit can cause in one week.

Meanwhile, rawk on, all ye jackrabbits!

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11 Days into Year of the Hare!

Well, so far we are now up to page 105 in production, and there's a good deal of buzz about Jake the Evil Hare on twitter and fb.. woo!
In other news, I may be getting a brand new drawing board AND and iPad for my birthday, woo hoo!

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Year of the Hare!

it is officially Year of the Hare, so you MUST read Jake the Evil Hare in order to optimize the sheer collossal awesomeness of your potential for this year!


The plot sickens!

In Issue #4, a major character will be MURDERED!
How will Jake react to this brutal atrocity?
In other news, at the moment I am about 13 pages into creating Jake the Evil Hare #4, and working on scripts for an upcoming epic fantasy graphic novel about a hero who's lost his purpose and suddenly finds himself entangled in an ancient conflict.

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Peep this!

Jake the Evil Hare Week One issue 1 is now available for download on WOWIO! Includes jake's Super Hero License Application, and more info on Jake's origin!

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