Dick Grayson's True Love: Barbara Gordon or Starfire?

Let's face it: the first Robin likes a good redhead. And with women like Oracle and the princess of Tamaran, I don't blame him. But who truly really deserves Dick Grayson? A Bird of Prey or a Teen Titan? Both have been engaged to the newest man to don Batman's cowl, but their nuptials have ultimately been ruined. As hot as Princess Koriand'r is, I truly believe Dick belongs with Barbara, because they come from a very similar background. Who do you think? 


Who is Batman's True Love?

Bruce Wayne has had MANY lovers in his life of crime-fighting. But ultimately, who do you think is his true love? Selina Kyle? Talia al-Ghul? Wonder Woman, perhaps? I've always found his greatest loves were always the women who were once his enemies, namely Catwoman. WHAT DO YOU THINK?  



Who is Sexier: Black Cat or Catwoman?

Both Batman and Spider-Man have many similarities. They both have a troubled love life. They both have a vast array of well-known villains. They also have feline-themed love interests that can be best described as "cat burglars." This topic may have already been brought up, but I was wondering: Who do you think is sexier, Black Cat or Catwoman? Personally, I find them to be equally hot, due to having a similar wardrobe and personality. What do you think?


Are Green Women Hot?

Our society seems absolutely fascinated with green women. From MARVEL Comics' She-Hulk, to DC Comics' Poison Ivy (at times), to Star Trek 's Orion slave girls, and to Star Wars with Jabba the Hutt's Twi'lek dancer, most females bearing emerald skin tend to have unusual sex appeal, whether they're aliens or mutants. Does anyone find green women sexy? I personally think it has more to due with the fact they often portrayed as voluptuous and/or physically fit. The green skin nothing more than to attract people's attention.



 I know for a fact that most men like Kara Zor-El AKA Power Girl for her enormous "assets" (don't any of you guys deny it). However, I find that they are nothing more than a major distraction, which is preventing her from being taken seriously as a major superheroine, or even as an example of feminine strength and power.  I just find the fact that DC Comics could allow Superman's Earth-Two cousin to be recognzied only for her massive DDD cups to be somewhat wrong. What do you think?