Objects I want in Real Life

the title says it all.

Some are individual, but there are stuff that I want in pairs or groups.

When I can remember I will add more. But this is it for now. You can add what you would like for yourself too!

List items

  • Brief Dis:

    A fraction of the Source, a map of time and space from Big Bang to Omega Point. Let user (smart enough to use it to its full potential) manipulate time and space on multiversal levels. Obviously I'm not smart enough (even hourman one million is only just there) but let's pretend.

    This will make me God, and being God is boring. (A fraction is all I need). This will make me:

    Effectively immortal (erase or kill this me, I have an infinite selves throughout time), Faster than Hunter Zolomon (move and react between picoseconds, or just stop time).....too many variables. Stop time in tests and quizzes, speed up reaction time in soccer games, turn the people I don't like into slime, speed up wound healing or just reverse time on it. Man!

  • Brief Dis:

    Too many abilities for me to list, but...energy, gravity & matter manipulation, emotion control (on self), vast knowledge, durability and healing, TELEPORTATION, telepathy, technopathy...

    This is useful for everyone.

  • Brief Dis: the final form of the word of God (preacher). The original (fraction of the Source Jack K version) gives user total control over willpower of anyone in creation.

    I would rather have the word of God (preacher, gives user the ability to make commands no one can resist, limitations: language barrier) but it's not here. This (still the word of God) allows me to coast through life, make me extremely dangerous, and extremely lazy. The equation will make me suicial. Too much power.

  • the least powerful dreamstone is enough, I don't need the reality warping multi universe destroying materoptikon.

    All I need is control of dreams to make plans, communicate face to face with other people, play pranks, and make my dreams INTERESTING.


    This will be more addictive than any drug. Anyone without a strong willpower would waste away to nothing because of lack of interest of the real world.

  • GROUP A:

    Brief Dis:

    Knowledge ball. Answers to tests, stories, historical events... Even how the universe started, all here.

  • GROUP A:

    Brief Dis:

    Immortality while in possession of it. Nigh indestructible (indestructible. I mean, there's no one as strong as Nabu or Imperiex in real life) and always sharp. Mobility is important.

    Offensive weapon of my first pack that is pack A.

  • GROUP A:

    Brief Dis:

    Offers defense, enhanced strength speed...physical stats. At the cost of your sanity, and makes you angry all the time if you use it too much.

    I am already insane (an asylum for the sane would be empty in America) and always angry (like the hulk lol) so this is right for me.

    Adds Defense to my first pack, pack A.

  • This completes my GROUP A:

    Brief Dis: offers shape shifting and invisibility. A cape for the final part of my pack A.