Vlog: Real life superhero topic

Hey guys! Here is a vlog about this topic I would like you guys to share your thoughts on this topic AFTER you watch the video. This video is to open the minds of people about the idea and I would really appreciate the feedback, thanks :)

There might be a bit of ill language so please pardon the French

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The good old times!

What I miss

I miss Charmix, Feral Nova, Wando, Obi, Portrait, Sha, DH, Risky, Talon, Slinger, Nevaan, Akwa, Seph, WGX, Blood X, Drifter, and a few more.. If your not in here is because I don’t remember you, we barely talked or ur still a tough guy in the vine and saying I missed you sounded too fruity in my mind lol

The ones that left:

I miss The Awesome spot, Remember Desilation? He became Nahero XD Everyone kept bugging him and stuff cause he didn’t understand RPG? Then he actually became a good RPGer and left.

I miss RC and Mark1212 (No homo) I used to bug them like it was my job XD

I miss the Unamerican hero :D (Again, no homo) REMEMBER HIM? He was awesome XD One of the few black heroes in the vine xD

I miss someone else but I wont say the name cause I don’t know how the vibes are in the vine about her O.O But she was cool too :D Although its been years since the problem she had in the vine O>O

I miss the old teams! Bladed Angels, LAS, Mobb, Veritas, VV, Zero squad, etc.

I miss the stories when people actually cared about the story and not about “How cool my character looks”. I miss the sudden turn of events in mid RPGs but still respecting the base of the story.

Rip my good times in the Vine 2008/2011


So, what's new?

I've been internetless!!!!!!

Is NYC still underwater?
Is Mighty Mags still around?
Is WP alive still?
What's new in the RPG world?
Anything I should know?
Do you love me?
Are WAL still trying to keep their thread alive? :P
Am I still sexy?

I need to know these things! xD

Really, did I miss much? O_o


In how many post..

In how many post do you think a battle should be ended?

Yeah, because I've been in many battles throughout my 2 or 3 years in comicvine and I've only finished 4 O_o 
And one of them was because my opponent had a death wish O.o 
First one ever, I lost, second one I won, 3rd I wont because it was meant to be, and 4rth my enemy ran away from me IC O_O
After those all other battles they end up unfinished O_o
My only guess is that by the 3rd post they already wanted me to be on the floor begging for my life or something -__-
So, really how many post do you think a good battle should last?
 I've always wanted an interesting battle that at least reaches the 12 post no matter if I win or lose.. But never had one because the enemy is too proud, or is a new kid on the block and gets on my nerves, or is too busy in real life @_@ 
Also is so bothersome when people expect you to die just because you're a street level and their characters can shoot lasers out of their butts..

That's impressive..

5 post per day? BOOO!


  • Flood Protection: Sorry duder, you can only post 5 posts per day until you reach a high enough post count.
What was CV thinking? Isn't the idea of Comic vine for people to join and have discussions? How can a person participate when they can only post 5 times? 
I understand that there maybe a lot of people who like to spam, but isn't that why we alrady have the two consecutive post per person thing? Also isn't that why we have moderators? Someone is bugging they get a warning and if he keeps on then they get hammered! 

That's how is suppose to work! That's the idea!
 But a new person comes to comic vine all exited he enters 5 topic and goodbye for the rest of the day probably forgetting the next day that comic vine eve existed.. 
5 post per day rule is a phail in my eyes. I think they should turn back and leave it the way it was.   


To my peeps :)

  I wish a happy new year to all my Comicvine friends but SPECIALLY those in the RPG section :) 
I know in I was not active in 2010 and unfortunately that wont change much since I've really done it all in Comic Vine.  I've been a sexy Arachnid hero (TWS) I've been a chaotic mercenary with a dark sense of humor (G'bandit) I've been a evil narsisist ninja (Bloodpool) I've been part of several teams VERITAS, WOLFPACK, ORIGINAL BLADED ANGELS, CHAMPIONS OF PEACE for 5 minutes :P LAS for two days lol  
  Good times, good times. I really don't know what else to put my CV universe through and I also can't summon the inspiration to even try it xD
 I hope all your wishes coime true and all that cheesy stuff xD 
I'm glad I met you all :)
 ATT: G'bandit :)


Band Lone: Severed bonds

A little story I decided was worth telling for those who actually care about my character G'bandit
  I hope you guys like it :)



Sun was up the weather was mild and the land was clear. The traffic was acceptable as each car were fallowing the laws established for the drivers to the letter. It was still early which meant the people were at work, and those who were driving the streets appeared not to be in much of a hurry to reach their destination.  

In the freeway approaching an exit was an Aston Martin. White as the snow and so polished it reflected the very rays of the sun like a mirror. The very elegant vehicle takes the exit out of the freeway and enters the perimeter of Columbus, Nebraska.

Inside the expensive vehicle a the first person view of the road ahead as the car fallows it’s ongoing destination. The man behind the wheel, which his white gloved hand, he brings up a picture to his line of sight. The picture is of a large home on a grassy lawn, big trees, decorated bushes and a small brick path that went all the way to the very steps of the porch.

A turn of the wheel and the car makes a right into a small neighborhood . The houses looked empty, common sense appliance indicated the most likely possibility was the people were all working as stated before.

 Driving deeper into the neighborhood the beautiful Aston Martin slowly comes to a stop in front of a house. The drier takes one last look at the picture, he appears to have reached the right destination. A second hand lift the left side of the white coat in which the driver inserts the picture of the home. At hand only one more picture remain and it is the picture of a beautiful redhead. “Albany”

The driver opens the door and one foot at a time he exit’s the vehicle.

Inside the large home at the living room the intense redhead known as Albany was watching the news. Sadden by the unfortunate reality the world is going through.

Fading deep in thoughts which brought grief to her eyes she turns off the television with her remote control.

 Sigh, she wishes there was something she could do. In the past it was all matter of suiting up and going out to make things happen. But that proved worthless. As the redhead reminisces her doorbell rings in the distance. “Coming!” She yelled. Placing the remote control aside she stands and walks over to the hallway and all the way to the door.

Standing on her tiptoes she reaches the peephole hoping to see who was at the door. But outside the view was clear, there was no one in the porch. “Very funny!” She said as she thought it had been some sort of a prank by a friendly. The red-hot woman opened the door and stepped out as she addressed whoever was playing the prank “There better not be a flaming bag of doo on my por--” But once she opens the door there was nothing and no one. “Hello?” She called. “Anyone?” she called again as she stepped out further into the porch but there was no one at the line of sight. “That’s odd” She said to herself as she turned around facing the door. “You know you’d be dead right now?”  Albany couldn’t believe her eyes, “You?!” She exclaimed in surprise as she looked up and down at the presence of the man under the mask of the once mercenary of greatness.

“You’re loosing your touch.”  Stated Band Lone to his long time friend. “If I were an enemy your brain would of  been splattered all over the walls.” Claimed Band Lone.

“Like that’s going to happen. What, the lack of work in the past few months has already affected your memory?” She inquired her former leader.

A grin is drawn on Band’s face accompanied by a mild chuckle as he takes a step back and leans on the frame of the door. “I remember.. You can’t die. That’s the only reason you are alive in the first place.” Revealed Band.

“Is that right?” She asked in return.

“Yeah.”  Responded the once merc. “See. Elisa Allen vouched for you claiming you are a trustworthy person after the Red Brotherhood was dismissed. Elian had planned on killing you and P. Rain, but he changed his mind.” Explained Band Lone. “You know why?” Inquired the BL.

“Well, you just said it, Elisa vouched for me, right?” She replied.

“Wrong.” answered Band. “You really think Elian gives a damn about what his sister has to say? Is his business and image that is at stake, he don’t care about his sister been mad.”

“I suppose you’re right, then what was the problem? Why am I still alive?” She inquired

“Laziness” Replied BL.

“Laziness?” *Chuckles* That’s funny, Band. C’mon, be real, the guy is a  jumper he could be here in a blink of an eye just by a thought. With all that is at stake, you really expect me to believe that all that is keeping such a powerful warrior from killing me is laziness?”

“He said it while he was drunk so you got to believe it true.” said as he reached into his pocket. “See, is not only the teleportation. Is his conscience also. He knows he can’t really kill you, all he can do is contain you-”  Band pulls out a piece of organic Chrystal “With this” he fallowed.

“I see. I wouldn’t die so he would have to hold the prison forever- and knowing I’m alive suffering--”

--“After you were so nice to him over these past years.”  Added Band.

--“Not been dead he would have to check on me at the prison all the time and my begging and suffering would work on his conscience. That’s why he chooses not to. So he doesn’t have to go through all that work.” Realized Albany.

“Now you see what I mean by laziness” Said Band.

But still, something didn’t add up, and that was the presence of Band Lone at her home. “Right, so, why are you here? I very doubt you’re here to reminisce about the old days, are you?”

Lowering his head BL looks away to the far right at the green lawn. “Well?” Said Albany as a sign of impatience to hear BL‘s answer.

. Band smiled as her impatience reminds him of the old days. “You know”, He said, “I remember when I first met you back in the day. You couldn’t even look at me in the eyes without blushing. You questioned yourself so much; Still you were always competing with P. Rain for my attention in the field.”

Looking away and crossing her arms Albany replied. “Yup, that was me. But [you], better than anyone, you know that [Things change], and in my case for the better.”

Hum, is that so?” Band took a deep breath just before he looks over to the mailbox. In the mailbox was written in cursive golden letters [Sewell family] “So the rumors are true then- You really did it.” Said Band.

“Yes” Answered Albany. “All my life I’ve lived with the burden of been nothing but the instrument of death. Death’s child. I even believed I had no life outside of the Red Brotherhood.. But today I can admit that I was wrong. I met Richard and I fell in love with him. You ended up been just a fragment of my past and as the months passed you and the Red Brotherhood became nothing more than a memory of a nightmare that once haunted me.”

It could hardly be noted how much those words coming from Albany affected BL. But even through the ice-cold expressionless face that Band Lone tried to sell, she could tell it was a like knives to the heart of the once mercenary of greatness.

Band sighed slowly hoping to calm his emotions. As a man normally that shouldn’t be too hard, but in this case, it was to him. “You knew P. Rain wasn’t lying, Band. I told her I was getting married and I meant it. That was the last time I even made a phone call because I was hoping you wouldn’t be able to track me down. I guess it was foolish to think it was possible to avoid you, but I had to try.”

“You kept away from the phone but your husband didn’t keep away from the social networks.. He placed a photo of you on Facebook.. The program P. Rain created worked perfectly. All I had to do was put up your picture and I found you through your facial expression on Facebook.”

Band, who was leaning on the door frame still, he stands straight. He reaches into his pocket pulling out the two pictures. The one about the house and the one in which Albany is posing for him with a beautiful smile. Band takes a few steps forwards reaching the redhead. He holds her hand and gently he turns it over. “I came to recruit you thinking you were just fooling yourself.. But you've changed my mind-- I will give you this as a guarantee-” Band places the organic crystal and the two pictures on her hand. He fallows “That I will never, ever, hurt you again.” BL gently closes her hand leaving between them the crystal and the pictures. He lets go of her hands.

Looking at the items within her grasp and processing the words of the man she lowers her head and closes her eyes. In the background  the heels of the shoes of BL knock on the wooden porch floor as this one creates distance between the two. “Don’t worry about your husband… he’ll live.”

The last words of the legendary Band Lone to the woman he loved as the two worlds break the ties of an era that was believed would be eternal.
 That's life..
 That's life..

My random pick Twitter respond :)

 This is the question:   "Why is everyone so concerned about social media privacy? Be transparent people. What have you got to hide?"
 Uh, hello! Ever heard of Identity theft? Is one of America's hardest cases to solve! My sister was a victim of identity theft. They messed up her credit. Not to mention that I don't want my real name out there.  

I mean, I myself have Googled people that I haven't seen in 10 years (My cousins) and I've found them on the net just using their names. I know where they live, I know where they hang out, I've seen their photos and how much they've changed. I even know their friends and that they went to a water park not long ago O_O
And I didn't even had to ask them to add me. 
Imagine you were one of my cousins right now.. I haven't sen you in ten years and I know so much about you...Wouldn't that be creepy? 
Another thing. Imagine if I was one of those bullies and I've changed my ways and now I'm a kind family man. The people I bullied in the past search my name and my facebook pop'd up. 
Lets say I still live in the same city just not in the same place. Automatically they will know I'm still in that city because that is one of the first thing that appears.  
They will know what I do for a living because in all social media sites ask that question.
They see my picture and can even download it and print it to have it with them. 
They know I have a family because is also in my pictures or is written on my facebook/myspace page that I have a family.
There goes my security and my family security.. 
Now there's a maniac looking for me to do lord knows what.. I bet is not pretty I tell you that much.  

That's why I believe in privacy and in setting my accounts with fake names and alternative E-mails.. Been transparent in the net is not the best of ideas..


A letter to Comic Vine :)

Don't lock this! This is not exactly a bug report issue (Although it be nice to get my account back -__-) is more of my expressed opinion/ request, thank you :)

 First of I appologize for my terrible grammar and stuff that has to do with writing and.. Stuff like that :)
Hello Comic vine!!!! What's up?! Hows November treating you? I hope is all good :)

My original account is G’bandit. I may not be one of the original members of comic vine but I have been here for a long time (Since 2008, that's quite long! C'mon! Is a long time..) 
Please keep reading and don't go all like: "Matters of accounts and lost of passwords should be reported to the mods on the bug report forum" because is not JUST about that, thank you XD

I recently made a mistake and I lost my main account and now it appears that I'm in the verge of losing all of my accounts. I'm an RPGer and I have multiple accounts on ComicVine. It doesn’t mean I’m a spammer for having multi- accounts; It’s just that as an RPGer I have a very active imagination and I let it roll in my favorite site.

Now. I understand that Comicvine wants to protect their site from spammers and “Robots”, I couldn’t agree more, (I myself have had several girls sending me Pms to watch them strip on cams) But I don’t thing they should of gone this far as to give the people six moths to officially convert an account. I honestly don’t see that to be right.. Why? Because I have multiple accounts and I used them all in the RPG section of comic vine. I have used them accounts over the last years ask any of the participants of the RPG sections. Is not like they are there just for show or anything.  Now I can only (officially) use one: Cruz because my G’bandit account is God knows where since the multi-pass does not allow me to log into it to change my OLD E-mail into my newest. So, yeah, my G’bandit account is pretty much screwed..

Where am I going with all this?

I think Comic Viners should be able to choose to use the Multi-pass. Is not fair that all we see is:  [CREATE PASS] and [I ALREADY HAVE ONE] in HUGE letters and the: [No thanks, just log me to Comic Vine] in tiny letters at the bottom. See, I don’t care of the other sites I just want to log in to Comic Vine like I’ve done for the pass 2 years with my accounts. They are some good sites but the truth is that (Me personally) I don’t care about Giant Bomb, I don’t care about Tested (Whatever that is) or Screened.
 {I actually like Anime vice that‘s why is not on the list}

The Comic Vine site was awesome for me until the simple act of logging in became a walk through the nine circles of hell. I wish I could log in on my accounts like I used to and without having to struggle so much. Without having to have the message saying that I can only log in with my Multi-pass just be able to logging like before That be so great...

I hope that just because I haven’t directly funded the site doesn’t blind their judgment on my request .. I still have placed those Comic Vine “What hero are you” and “what team are you” and all those banner thingies on  myspace… Not much but is a something... Right? O_o

Aaanyway I’m not trying to bug anyone or create some sort of rebellion or nothing (Just in case) I’m just saying logging in is a drag and I'm just for CV and AV nothing else. I have my AV account and my CV accounts I’m not interested in the others. If I were I could just go to it.. No need to force Giant Bomb and Tested down my throat @__@
That's what I think 

Please don’t ban me! I have kids!  xD 

GB's Band Lone Bio baby! :P

Hey guys and girls I'm GB and everyone knows I like to play around with my accounts. I just made a small bio for this account the character is the dude that was G'bandit before the newest mysterious GB took over :D
  is not that long, let me know what you think :DD

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