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 Yup xP

Band Lone is reference as:

The legend
Die hard
 The wild card  
Death agent
Death's agent 
Agent Death
Agent Lone
Lone Wolf
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The end of G'bandit and the birth of Death agent Lone.

 Necro Elian Allen holds the head of a Copycat claiming to be G'bandit on live broadcast.

 After rejoining with Wolf Pack for a very short period of time as the mercenary G'bandit; Band Lone was called back into the Allen Building. Elian once again freed Band Lone from the G'bandit mantel as no one had tried to claim to be the mercenary G'bandit after the last several victims had been executed live on TV and internet by Band Lone and Elian. It felt as it was a time for a fresh start for Band Lone. Instead of serving wearing a mask he would now serve using the code name agent: Lone in special missions.  

Severed Bonds:

   Albany "There's life outside of killing people."

It had been several months already since the last time the Red Brotherhood exchanged words or even saw each other. The trio was discarded and each went their own ways. It was not so simple. After all in middle of business a bond of friendship was born between the trio, but between Band Lone and Albany all evidence pointed that there was even more. 
Using his advance technology Band Lone came across Albany's current location, Columbus, Nebraska. It was a shock for her to be at the presence of the man she left behind along with her past life. Between the greeting and the exchange of words Albany revealed her current social situation. She had moved on from a life of danger and death to the safety of a house wife in a small town. Band Lone felt emotionally crushed from the news but at the same time he knew it was for the best. Before parting he promised Albany that she didn't need to worry about him killing her husband. 

Return to Wolf Pack: Death agent

 10th Underworld's knight
 10th Underworld's knight

In Back in black it is revealed that Band Lone had been training Jan Smart at the tenth underworld. Jane was still a very strong opponent, but still Lone managed to defeat her. After the battle was over Band Lone received a token of appreciation for the time spent training Jane. Both a specially design armor and the two mystical swords: Death and Sorrow.

However, that had been a while before. In present times Band Lone was shown to have gain a bit of weight and was desperate for attention. He tried his best to fit in with the civilians but it was just not meant to be. Band returns to his hole in the wall and began trying to get back  in shape as fast as he could by running on a treadmill. Hopefully he would find something to do with his spare time very soon before he falls into madness.

 Soon Lone was drafted by a pack of lycans into the service of the Hunter once again.

The death dealing infidel:Dark Utopia

 Dark Utopia
 Dark Utopia

 The the Pack's virus
 The the Pack's virus

In Blinding sand, death dealing wolves the Wolf Pack invaded Utopia in a government assign mission to find whatever screw was lose of the renown perfect society. After hacking through the system of Utopia Lone found out about several tunnels that served as secret routs. The tunnel help to keep certain things from the brainwashed civilian eyes, such as: experimentation, smuggling, exploration and several other factors which exposed the so called peaceful land. After his mission had been accomplished the wild one then embark on a personal quest to obtain an unstable formula for the ability known as: healing factor. His journey lead him to further understand the perspective of Utopia on their methods via meeting with a warrior named Little Sparrow. The journey lead him to the experiment called Project Cruz. and the first step towards what he called the return of the king.

Dr. Raphael Mocherie:

 Raphael Mocherie
 Raphael Mocherie

Raphael Mocherie was a scientist that collaborated in Band Lone's regeneration back when Lone was recreated. Knowing the scientist's brilliance the wildcard chose him to accommodate the abilities he long desired. However the old doctor betrayed Lone and sought to kill him by using Project Cruz's regenerative ability on his own experiments. However he did not expected Lone to be wielding the swords of a Goddess which allowed him to kill even those experiments with regenerative skills. Acknowledging defeat Mocherie exchanged not one but two different vials containing dozes of the requested serum. Mocherie explained: One vile had just the ability to heal as requested but the second vile if chosen would grant Lone even greater power that would allow Lone regeneration and bio-manipulative abilities. The assassin granted Mocherie forgiveness and allowed him to live even after the betrayal.Having very little people he could trust Lone went to visit an old friend. Purple Rain after analyzing the substance she notice only one serum could be taken, a little detail Mocherie did not made present. After a short span of thought Lone chose the vile with the most abilities in order to become a better warrior.
 Side effects
 Side effects
But Lone didn't expected the side effects of the drug he was taking. For a full week Lone experienced nothing but pure torment as his body was mutating and adjusting itself to the serum. Rain's blood samples showed the serum was changing the human foundation in Lone's structure. Soon Lone found out he could already do things no other normal person could. Lone's bone structure was completely manipulative in many ways. He could bend the bone, shape it and even mend it after rupture occurred. Rain also found out that the body was already able to heal at accelerated rate, soon it was obvious to her that it came with the ability to manipulate the body. It was a tough week but the fruits of the agonizing time spans were worth the risk in the eyes of the assassin. Lone alone was dangerous enough but now with new found abilities the assassin had become a stealth force to be recon.  


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Red hair 
Clean shaved
medium size ears
Somewhat tanned skin 
Medium size eyebrows about an inch from the eye, mostly he looks angry, naturally
Eyes are medium in size and reddish like a ruby
Height is 5'10 
Athletic figure about his 130lb more or less
No tattoos or scars in the body whatsoever. In fact he has perfect healthy skin (Due to healing factor.)

more soon


Secret ID:

Fake ID Name: Ben Solo
Real Name: Dee Allen
Other names: Band Lone
Alias: BL, Band, Death Agent
Mercenary rank: 5
Identity: Secret
Team Affiliations: Red Brotherhood, Ten eyes of Horus, Rogue of Redemption, Wolf Pack
Currently: Wolf Pack
Place of Birth:  Created in Maine
Date: inconclusive
Occupation: Mercenary
Citizenship: American
Gender: Male
Age: 7 (Looks around his 20s)
Hair: Red-orange
Current hair color: Dyed dark brown
Eyes: Red crimson/ vary
Height: 5’10
Weight: 132lb
Father: Created from Elian Allen
Foster father: Johnathan Lone
Owner: None
Best friend: P. Rain, Albany, Elian

Former: G'BANDIT

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 Death (black) Sorrow (White)
 Death (black) Sorrow (White)
  God-swords: Death and sorrow: Two mystic silver/underworld-titanium swords given by the goddess Dania. The swords are able to cut through magic and even specters beings and are able to shape-shift into different type of swords at the will of the user.  Both swords have the ability to cut 5 inches further than their actual tip. Death's cut will basically rot the flesh in matter of minutes. A cut from sorrow will give a burning sensation as if the wound were on hell burning fire. These two effects are ten fold if the receiver is a evil spirit or has connection to magical abilities. The swords are also able to heal themselves if broken and always keep sharp as razors. They have a special handle which make it unique in designed. Only Band Lone, Elian, Jane Smart and Albany can wield them. Anyone else wielding them are cursed. The sword would backfire cutting the wielder instead of the opponent.     


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Knight armor: Special design body armor, it protects against all types of bullets and fire power projectile. It also has a level of flame and electric resistance. Band in his desperation stole a prototype of a body armor design for special forces. It is completely weightless and adjust to the body movements of the most athletic superhuman.  
Red armor: The red and black armor is the same as mentioned before only a different model and it was made by human hands instead of the Goddess Dania. It has a more contemporary feel and the colors are red and black. 

 Suit: Band Lone's new suit had no color but was later design by a goddess to resemble an elite warrior of both worlds. The suit purple and black to avoid comparison with his past mantel G'bandit and it is completed with a helmet which allows his to see in darkness, see heat signatures, light sources and protects him from dangerous breathing hazards. 

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Stealth mode: Band uses street clothes: Black leather jacket, jeans, combat boots, bulletproof vest and carries with him very little equipment along with a blue mask which protects his identity.

Powers and abilities:

Origin: Biochemical experimentation.

Note: All these abilities are actually a single one.

Regeneration: Lone is able to regenerate his body from the smallest to the largest limb. This procedure takes time depending on the  situation. A minor wound would heal instantly, a deep wound would take two minutes, an arm takes about 30 minutes to regenerate, a leg 45 minutes, etc. It is unknown the limits of this ability for it has not been fully tested and Lone hopes he never has to find out.


Shape-shifting: The procedure begins with the bone structure shifting then the skin and finally the hair. Lone's shape-shifting is limited to only humans about his size ( give or take ) Lane cannot shift the clothing he has on however if he were to dispose of the clothing worn he is able to generate a type of bio-clothing by manipulating skin, hair and the minerals in his body. This clothing allows him to become a perfect copy of the person he shape-shift into.


Biofeedback: Along with Shape-shifting and the ability to regenerate comes a third ability called bio-feedback: Biofeedback is the process of becoming aware of various physiological functions using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will. Processes that can be controlled include brainwaves, muscle tone, skin conductance, heart rate and pain perception. In the case of Lone instruments are unnecessary as he has learn to manipulate them thanks to the ability to shape-shift. With that said Lone is able to concentrate the location the regenerative ability is most needed. This can help in the case of fatal wounds.

Side-effects: The serum which allowed Lone to achieve these abilities did not come with a side effect labeled on the vial. However soon they were evident:

Hunger: Lone's metabolism has accelerated along with his healing and other abilities. In his diet he needs as many vitamins and minerals as possible in order to function adequately. The body will feed until achieving these needed vitamins and minerals.

Obnoxiousness: Yeah, even more than before.

Increase in heart rate: It gets to the point were one can almost dance to it.

Peak condition: Resistance, super strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and senses are nearly super human. In senses the hearing, sight and smell have a exclusivity.  
Martial art expert in mix martial arts and human anatomy.
Excellence in stealth and escape tactics.
Master of deduction 
 The art of disguise: Band Lone is able to disguise himself and give himself up to a role. Changing voice, attitude and state of mind to his needs.
Brain works at least 6/7 times faster than any human and process and retains as fast. Band is able to memorize things at plain sight and with no struggle.
Band can block telepathic and psychic activating his own psychic ability to block enemy psychics just by concentration. 
 META signature scanner
Tool kit: Tools for infiltration including access cards, lost keys, hacking device and other tools to infiltrate locations. 
Field ration: Peanut butter and jelly and hard cracker. 
Spycam: Small camera able to fit in a wallet, water proof, It is also a camcorder.
 Healing ointment: It heals minor wounds and also help reduce the risk of infection in large wounds. In large doses it can stop hemorrhage and even numb the affected area.    
Flunitrazepam pills: Knockout pills to spike drinks or foods. Aka: Roofies.

 I teleport, biotch!
 I teleport, biotch!

 Teleportation device: The Hunter gave G'bandit a high tech teleportation doohickey in order to get the team out of hot spots. Been an experienced teleporter Band has no problem adjusting to the device's ability and the advantage it brings to his game.
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Bow and arrows: When Band gave up his guns for a while he realizes that when it comes to an enemy in the distance he would need a range weapon therefor he opted for the legendary bow and arrows. Band Lone's bow breaks on the middle and it is placed on the utility belt for better concealment.
Types of Arrows: 

10 Arrowheads  (Unmarked)
5 additional Poison arrowhead  (Marked green)
5 warhead arrows: Just like they sound. They are potent explosives.  (Marked red)
 The quiver is secured tight so that the arrows don't fall off during Band's acrobatics. 

 Back on guns: 
 Lone's guns
 Lone's guns

Lone guns: Band Lone special design guns.  The design is a Semi- Automatic pistol, ambidextrous, 16 bullet magazine, 50 m, laser sight, 6 armor pierce magazines, 10 tracking device and a hyper speed waterproof camcorder. They are both on holsters on Lone's center back region.

Gunsman again
Gunsman again
Designed to shoot armor piercing bullets and tracking devices.


 La guarida de Lone
 La guarida de Lone

Guarida de Lone: At the safe house or at a resting location Band Lone keeps a secure perimeter completed with self destruct mode in the form, of demolition. In the safe house/ Safe location Lone has field rations, tools to perform minor surgery and heavy medication. He also has three escape routs and tactics in case he is fallowed. One of the tactics he calls: The Bold one in which very unpleasant tactics are taken.   
Safe house: Safe house is a location in the field where Band establishes a perimeter leaving there certain first aid kits, comunications, extra equipment and edible, etc


Band Lone has several modes of transportation.
Teleportation: Lone holds a teleportation device on his left wrist which has been seen to be able to teleport across the country with the help of several jump points he has marked using a second device.

Motorcycles: Band Lone uses motorcycles as both modes of transportation and as weapons/bombs.
Sentinel:  Tiny is the Brotherhood's sentinel. Band Lone commandeer it in canon and reprogrammed it to serve him as transportation. Tiny has all the weapons a sentinel has and more.
Lone Glider: Flying glider which helps against flying targets. It has several weapons such as 6 missiles, several dropping bombs and a machine gun installed. 
The Predator: Wolf Pack main method of transportation. It is a large jet. 
Note: Band wouldn't think twice before commandeering someone's ride




Band Lone family tree:



What about the Lone family?


Elian Allen created:

 Dee (the temporary clone meant to live just a few hours that would later become Band Lone)

Dee was then adjusted for a longer life span by:

Carrie Marrie Talus 


Johnathan Lone

Wife: Mrs. Lone <Deceased>

Siblings: Crystal Lone <Deceased>

Children: Crystal Joan Lone

Johnathan Lone adopted: Dee (Re-named him: Band, then Band adopted the last name: Lone )

 Band Lone 
NPC, Red Brotherhood: 
Albany: Former love interest (Before she got married to a douche-bag in Nebraska)
P. Rain: Friend
 Meteora (Future) 
Mother: Unknown, it is believed to be Albany in that time-line
RPG, Wolf Pack:
 Hunter, Risky and Talon are considered friends by Band.

Jane Smart

Current status:

Johnathan Lone was last in Arizona with his daughter
Mrs. Lone died of unknown causes
Crystal Lone died of brain tumor
Crystal Joan Lone lives now with her father Johnathan Lone in Arizona
Band Lone currently resides in New York, but at times in Scotland with the Wolf Pack   
Talus: No one knows what happened to her, yeah, pretty much a plot hole xD 
Elian Allen: CEO of Allen companies and a very lustful guy
Jane Smart is in hell as a general of an army
Meteora is a leader in a freedom fighter group in the future

Note: Band refuses to adopt the last name "Allen" because he feels his father, if anyone, it would be Johnathan Lone who gave him a home. Still in Elian's database he appears as "Dee Allen" and the name: "Band Lone" appears as just a false ID just like the fake ID name: Ben Solo.   

Lone wolf
Current GB host: None.
Current Lone wolf: Band Lone 



Showdown in Main: Band Lone vs Taki: Winner by forfeit.
 Eyes on the Prize: Band Lone vs Warsman  Win by abandonment
Hunted RPG: Vs Muse and Obi Wan Kenobi  In progress


Back in black: Recruited to WP as Death Agent Lone
Bliding sands, death dealing wolves: Infiltrated Dark Utopia blew shit up, met with Sparrow and got Cruz

Other realities:

Ruthless: Future Band Lone Vs present terminator invasion