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Aquamen of the Omniverse

A list of various Undersea Heroes, Sub Mariner heroes, Aquatic Heroes, characters who live or operate in the ocean and rivers.

List items

  • Earth 0, Aquaman, Arthur Curry, Alias Orin.

  • Marvel Comics, The Original Undersea Hero, 1939.

  • Man of Atlantis

  • Earth 712, Marvel Comics, Kingsley Rice was the resident aquatic member of the Squadron Supreme. The second Amphibian is a creature of mysterious origins.

  • Image Comics, Marine biologist and TV personality, Steve Ocean is the MARINEMAN!

  • Marvel Comics, Golden Age hero, cousin to Namor.

  • Marvel Comics, Clone of Namora, cousin to Namor

  • Namora hails from a world in which she destroyed all of Earth's non-Mutant heroes and became its Queen. Exiles #46.

  • Earth 1, your powers were given to her through alien scientific experimentation on humans. She assisted Aquaman and Aqualad in many of their early adventures.

  • Marvel Comics, Tamara Rahn from the planet Laab. She is an alien of a water-breathing extraterrestrial Banari.

  • Earth-11. Gender reversed version of Aquaman from Earth-11.

  • Earth 2, An aquatic hero of Earth 2, Marella

  • Earth 6, The Aquaman as imagined by Stan Lee.

  • Earth 8, a subaquatic fighter. Any similarity with another Marvelous sub-mariner character.

  • Earth 9, Dr Aquadus, from Tangent Comics. Living water elemental, body of water,super villain.

  • Earth 10, version of Aquaman and member of the New Reichsmen

  • Earth 12, in the DC Animated Universe future, Mareenaa is Aquagirl-- the daughter of Aquaman and Mera.

  • Earth 16, formerly Aqualad. Was sidekick‚Äôs Aquaman.

  • Earth 29, Aquazarro, Bizarro-Aquaman is an imperfect version of Aquaman. He is a member of the Bizarro Justice League.

  • Earth 36, A homage to Big Bang Comics's homage to Aquaman. Member of Justice-9.

  • Creation of Rob Liefeld. Ruler of Atlantean race in the city of Neuport. Member of the Allied Superman of America and The Allies

  • Comico Comics, Rebecca Golden, Ressurected from the dead and imbued with the spirit of water, Fathom battles against the Shadowspear alongside the Elementals.

  • Aspen MLT. Raised in the world above, Aspen Matthews is truly caught between two worlds and she's the daughter of two race of underwater dwellers called the Blue and the Black, making her the powerful being of all.

  • Dr. Noah Talbot was experimenting with Hydro-Glycerine on his test-monkey, Bubbles. Bubbles panic attack left Talbot weak and his granddaughter transferred his brain into an android body. Member of the Round Table of America.

  • Earth 1, Aquababy. Son of Arthur Curry and Queen Mera. Pre Crisis.

  • Earth 1, Pre Crisis, Selena was considered to Aquaman's sidekick at one point of time, thus falling under the name "Aqua-Girl".

  • Eternia. Squidish Rex. Merman is one of the Evil Warriors, he controls the water and aquatic life-forms. He's not too loyal to Skeletor.

  • Eurth, version of Namor.Member of the Champions of the Realm. Eurth version of Namor.

  • Publisher Entity, Originally from the planet Aquamar, Fathom has been eluding the Captain Nauticus and the Ocean Force throughout the universe. He traveled through a wormhole and has ambitions to take over his newest target, the planet Earth.