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Real Name: Washington

Alias/Codename: "Wash" "Baddy"

Hometown: Olympia, Washington (Raised)

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Bald (Varies upon shape shifting)

Weight: 160lbs (Varies upon shape shifting)

Age: 124 (Varies upon shape shifting)

Eye Color: Purple (Varies upon shape shifting)

Height: 5'11 (Varies upon shape shifting)

Species: Alien (Unaware of which race he belongs to)

Personality: Professional, honest, detached, snarky

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Alignment: True Neutral

Occupation: War veteran, spy master, mercenary, hit man, gun for hire, hero for hire, villain for hire

Affiliation: Juno Fei (Supplier) Various criminal organizations

Abilities: Seasoned war veteran and mercenary, marksmanship, alien physiological condition, tactical mind, skilled close quarters combatant. master of mimicry

Powers: Near-perfect shape shifting, alien physiology (Enhanced strength, agility, reflexes, stamina)