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My Secret Avengers

The Black Ops division was created after a scandal involving the assassination of the Russian president in which Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier, american hero and defected Russian Super Spy, was implemented. With a return to Cold War agendas in light of the succession of the Presidents vice who had far more extremist views, Bucky became unable to act as the hero he wished to be as his own safety, that of those around him and in fact even the entire United States of America was put at risk after interventions by the Winter Guard who were looking for blood. To avert war and further deaths, Captain America staged Bucky's death during a tussle with the Winter Guard and so the Russians gained retribution.

Bucky went to ground and assembled a new team, one able to delve into the murky waters, a black ops division.

List items

  • Leader and villified victim of the Secret Avengers.

  • Femme Fatale and Russian Super-Spy

  • Marksmen extraordinaire. Lends his bow to the mission.

  • With a plethora of experience as a spy, double agent and a superhero Spider-Woman is the perfect addition to this team, bringing strength and powerful venom blasts.

  • Powerhouse and Technical Expert.

  • Sandwiched in by Nick Fury (The only other person to know about this team) she brings a wealth of SHIELD contacts and ridiculously powerful meta abilities.