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Dystopian Justice League?

What would happen if the Trinity got wiped out? In my head, losing your three biggest players to a tragic and violent circumstance, would probably Crush the team. I can see them trying to struggle on, but the constant barrage of villians would eventually wear down even their strongest, The Flash, Green Lantern (All of them perhaps) and even the Manhunter would all succumb.

In a world where the Heroes have fought, died and almost been eradicated, this is the team that I can see emerging from the ashes, desperately trying to save Humanity from itself.

List items

  • The Behind the scenes leader. Having assembled the team secretly by releasing mission statements from a false persona, Tim Drake will try to pull the strings, and keep up Bruce's legacy in light of the death of his adopted Family. Batman replacement.

  • Filling both Superman, and Green Lantern's spot, Sodam Yat has brought himself back to earth for the first time since his cataclysmic battle with Superboy Prime. His close friendship with the Earth Lanterns has lead him to entrust himself to live up to their legacy. He'd eventually inherit the weaker portion of Ion, and remain the field leader, icon, and powerhouse of the team.

  • Replacing Wonder Woman, Barda would admire and attempt to protect the legacy of the domineering Amazonians. Outcast from the 4th World, she'd live permenantly on Earth as their new resident Female weapons master.

  • Liberty Belle will replace the Flash. She's just as fast, and has been needing to step up to the plate for a while. She lost Hourman to a confrontation with Eclipso, and has been largely in mourning since, however, she's realized that duty comes before her self interest and returns to the fold in a flash of scarlet

  • Zatanna will have become the new Doctor Fate, accepting the role as a Lord of Order to safeguard her crumbling world.

  • Jason Rusch will be the energy powerhouse for the team. Once again the primary persona of Firestorm, he'll be trying ever so hard to be the hero the world needs.

  • Carter Hall is dead, and it's not like he's coming back. Hawkgirl would be bitter, depressive, and almost sadistic in her approach to bringing the fight to the villains.

  • The only staplemark of the Classic Justice League. Billy would have been a prisoner of Black Adam, attatched to the Rock of Eternity. He would have been saved by the team on their first outing, and join up as a magically enhanced brick. Billy would also have a darker, but equally heroic outlook. He'd remember the good old days when Superman still patrolled Metropolis, and would continue blindly reaching for that perfect world he desires.