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So yea.... ummm...... yea..... 0

Hi everyone!!!!!! Man it's been ages since I've written a review. Feeling a little ashamed of myself! I'm slacking!!! So to start back up we will start with: GREEN LANTERN!!.......  Yea... Where to begin? First allow me to state now, I have NO real knowledge about anything Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern. I know very tiny bits and absolutely no pieces! But hey when you hear that Ryan Reynolds is on board, you tend to get a little giddy, then a little light headed from all the giddness, then you pro...

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My Date With The Wolfman 0

Ok so EVERYONE is into vampires and there's nothing wrong with that because I am too. But there comes a time when you need a little more excitement, and boy did "The Wolfman" pump me up. Yea, we get some werewolf action in movies like, Underworld and Twilight but this is something entirely different.  This is WOLFMAN baby! Between the gothic scenery and the impeccable acting, "The Wolfman" was a great escape and much needed update. Benicio Del Toro showed such  deep emotional conflict, that even...

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BloodRayne 0

Did you see this movie?  Why? Hmmm why did you see this movie?  Did you think it was going to be good? Couldn't you just tell it was going to suck?  Come on people it was created by a director widley known for making suckfest movies... dont believe me?  hold on wait..... the continuing debate 3 years after this movie was made, and to top it all off, HE"S MAKING ANOTHER BLOODRAYNE MOVIE? what ? aww come on people!!!!    by lkamper   (Thu Jul 9 2009 11:14:46) Ignore this User | Report Ab...

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Star Trek 0

First allow me to say that I have never seen a movie where the casting for every part is perfect. Simply perfect.   I'm gonna be truthful here, I've never watched the orignal tv series but being as Star Trek is apart of an everlasting pop culture legacy, I know very small bits and pieces.  Ok well, lets just say I know who Captain Kirk and Spock is....  So I went into this with open eyes, not expecting too much but just hoping for an enjoyable time.  Enjoyable time huh?.....MAN IT WAS AMAZING!!!...

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Terminator Salvation 0

I had my wall up on this one. After the diaster called Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machine aka Terminator 3: Suckfest, I really didnt want anyone else to touch this franchise.  The original is a work of art, but the sequel which spawned a buffed up Sarah Conner is and will forever be my favorite. Watching her step up to plate to help protect John, with all of her guns of course, gave me chills.  Even after finding out about Bale's casting I was still not ready to wake up from the nightmare called ...

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G.I. Joe 0

 At first I didn't think that I would enjoy the movie. I had my doubts on the cast. These are tough characters to pull off, so they needed to be believable above anything else. I walked into the theater expecting a flop and left feeling a little pumped and ready for the next installment.  Hmmm... Did they really leave me wanting more? YUP they did, how cruel.   Snake Eyes was everything i hoped for and of course more, though he never said a word, he always had my full attention. His fight scenes...

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