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Marvel Characters who deserve a Spotlight!!!

Just a little list of some Marvel characters who deserve a chance under the spotlight! Would be great to see these guys in their own limited series! My only rule here, is to only include characters who've never had their own series, limited series or one-shot before now.

List items

  • He's got a fantastic look, and a unique backstory! Would love to see more of this guy!

  • It worked for Spider-Man 2099! I'd love to see a series about this future Spider-Man, and the world of 2211!

  • Love the concept! A team of magic-powered siblings, protecting the hidden town of New Salem!

  • Ace and One-Eyed Jacqui! This could be all sorts of wacky fun, and they protect the world as Agents of G.R.A.M.P.A.!

  • It's unbelievable that this guy hasn't had a single solo series in all the time he's been around!

  • Jack Flag: Stars and Stripes! Would love to see a series with Jack exploring the cosmos. Kinda like Captain America meets Warlord of Mars! Could have fantastic potential!

  • It's high past time we got a Songbird solo series! She's got a great visual, unique power set, and a troubled history! Done right, this could be fantastic!

  • Love the concept behind this guy! A werewolf who's powers are tied to the planet Mars! A combat-trained Warwolf, working on covert ops for the U.S. government! Like Werewolf by Night meets Team X! I'd read THAT story!

  • Hannibal King: Vampire Detective! Investigating the supernatural side of the Marvel Universe.

  • Ordinary cops, equiped for extra-ordinary situations! This book would have the potential to be Marvel's answer to Gotham Central or Top 10!

  • I don't know much about these guys, but just LOOK at those character designs! I'd love to learn more about this group, and see them shine.

  • Great concept for a character! A character that uses technology alongside magic. Would love to see him really explored.

  • Again, another character I can't belive hasn't had a solo spotlight! He's got a great look, interesting back-story, and could really shine if given the opportunity!

  • With a slight bit of updating, this guy could be fantastic! Egypt's premier super-hero! I'd love to see a modern-day story about him, and his adventures.

  • The Kings of Wundagore! Loved these guys since first discovering them in the short-lived Quicksilver solo series. A society of evolved humanoid animals, patterning themselves after Medieval knights!? What's not to love!?!

  • Forget Gambit! I wanna see more of these guys! There's lots of scope to develop new and interesting characters within the guild, and it'd be great to see what heists and capers these guys get up to!

  • This guy really is a mystery! Would love to learn more about him. Who is he? How did he become the Shiver Man! What drives him?

  • Love the design of this guy! Would love to see more of him! I really think he's got LOADS of potential!

  • The clone son of the super-villain genius, the Wizard! Would love to see this character break out on his own, as a prodigious child anti-hero! Just imagine all the mischief he'd be capable of if he really broke loose!

  • I'd love to see a series following Huntara as she battles her way across strange dimensions, like a warrior goddess! She could easily become Marvel's answer to the likes of Glory, Zealot, Wonder Woman, etc.

  • I'd love to see the Red Ronin be utilised as a force for good! Imagine him as Marvel's answer to Ultraman, facing off against extra-dimensional kaiju! Really great potential!

  • Awesome power-set, and cool back-story! Would be great to see her in a series set in the South American jungles - discovering hidden cities and facing off against new threats!

  • Thor of the future! Much like Spider-Man 2211, or the 2099 books, the appeal here would be to explore the world of Dargo Ktor!

  • The Cyber Spider! Why have we not seen more of this guy!?! He's got a great design, and an interesting back-story as an FBI agent! I'd love for him to make a comeback!

  • Marvel's answer to the Creature from the Black Lagoon! How has he never had a spotlight before!?!? I'd love to see more of this guy!

  • A professional werewolf hunter! This guy has such a trippy character design, and not much is known about his background. Would be really great to learn more about him.

  • I'd love to see a 616 mainstream version of this character! He appeared once in a Mutant X Annual, and stole the show! He's got a fantastic look, and a kick-ass name! Would love to see him again!

  • An undead superhero! This guy's got a great look (somewhat reminiscent of Evil Ernie), and deserves a shot in the spotlight! What with zombies all the rage these days, he could definitely stand to be seen again!

  • I'd love to see a series with this guy returning to his original modus operandi - that of an undercover superhero posing as a criminal, in order to tear down the mob from within! Imagine something like a superhero version of The Departed!

  • Great character with an awesome power-set! Why she's never had a solo outing is beyond me! Lots of potential!