Pull List

B'Town: Current Pull List

*STILL... tap tapping my toe. I've cut several books. It IS hard to cut, I'm afraid as soon as I cut something I will miss an awesome event or the return of a character I have been longing for.

I will update as I add new books and remove the old.

Certain favorites on hiatus will remain on pull permanently, cause I love them.

List items

  • LOVE the Six! My favorite book.

    Always #1. And NO! NO! NO! I will not remove this from my pull list. Waiting patiently for Gail to get off her duff and bring my favorite misfits back. ;D Love you Simone.

  • Batwoman is one of my favorite characters in the hands of Williams III. It is my hope that he will continue to give us a beautiful book I can look forward to for a long time to come.

  • Diana is the greatest heroine EVER. I'm a faithful die-hard WW fan. I am excited about the new WW and I could give a crap whether she wears stupid pants or star-spangled panties.. and pulease nay-sayers for Goddess' sake, shut-up shut-up shut-up.

  • Twisted, creepy evil. I'm loving the vampires in this series, this is unlike any vampire book I have ever read. Pick it UP! Pearl and Skinner are two marvelously sick monsters!

  • Snyder rules the universe. :D

  • Still, I grieve for Oracle and Steph. So much lost. It is difficult to read without wondering, DC.... WHY the eff..??

    I won't take anything away from Batgirl or Simone's work though, well done. fun. Batgirl will remain one of my top pulls.

  • I'm a huge gigantic fabulously addicted fan. I am collecting the hardcovers. I am also, waiting impatiently for the television series to begin again.

  • So far so good!

  • Yay!

  • please. still. be. fun. please. still. be. fun. please. still. be. fun. please. still. be. fun.

  • Keeping it sultry!

  • HOT. Powerful.

  • Waiting (impatiently) to begin again.