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Absolute Crap


This list will be on going, beginning with the poster child of all-that-is-crap listed first.

List items

  • This book reduced our heroines to mindless booty fare. Gone are their brilliance and power. These aren't our X-Women.

    Following the example of a mutual hater of X-Women, my copy is now ashes. I suggest you do yourself a favor, don't buy this book. If you already wasted your hard earned cash, do the world a favor and torch it.

  • I pulled this book because it had all the ingredients of a great book. Great writer, artist and a main character who is a hot chick kicking ass. That is a recipe for success. But it failed me. No matter how I tried I could not like anything about Scarlet. She's a cold blooded killer getting her revenge on. I can root for a villain or anti-hero in a clearly fictional world but Scarlets story comes across too real, ridiculous is the irony; she is every bit as evil as the corrupt she intends to eliminate.

  • Readers each have a different threshold of what we find to be fun & sexy or offensive exploitative sexism.

    I find Kori's lack of clothes and cheesecake poses to be over the top. And though, I do feel they took it so far that she looks ridiculously stupid and isn't even sexy anymore, I can understand how this alone could be reason for many people to be offended by Outlaws... it isn't however the reason I cancelled my subscription.

    My reason for cancelling is because in the guise of depicting traits of her alien nature; they have stripped Kori of memory of her friends, intimate relations and of individual character. This is what I find completely unacceptable and I cannot support any work that would depict a woman completely void of personality. They have reduced her personality and emotions to nothingness. I cancelled my subscription to Red Hood and the Outlaws. I'm not happy about it. It was a difficult decision. I was conflicted between my desire to read what I had wanted to be... a fun sexy book and my commitment to stand up and admit to myself and others that I can't support a book which is completely irresponsible and offensive in its portrayal of a woman.