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Buffy Season 9 and Angel & Faith

I just watched a Wonder Con video where Scott Allie says Buffy Season 9 (25 issues) will launch in September, I can't wait.  For some reason I feel it will be an even better season.  In the interview there was also a hint of Fray being in the future for Buffy...  I love Fray, this is a great character and storyline, I hope Season 9 does more than dabble in it.  Frays world is a strange and scary place; with the possibility of a very Dark Willow, it doesn't get much better than that for me.  It would be highy disappointing if Fray merely makes an appearance in an issue or two.  But I will have to wait and see.  And maybe Babs or Tony will have more information from Wonder Con on Fray's role and what direction Buffy will be going with the new season.  That would be great.  
More good news,  Allie announced that in August a new Angel & Faith book (25 issues) will launch.  I haven't read any Angel books but with the addition of Faith and the choice of Rebekah Isaacs as the feature artist, I AM on board.  I am adding this to my pull list NOW.  Isaacs' work on DV8 Gods & Monsters was BEAUTIFUL, she is an artist to watch for and I will climb on board for this, hey Faith is there too so there are plenty of reasons for me to give this new Angel and Faith book a chance. 
The future Buffy Whedon Verse looks like it will be a fun ride.

Vote for the best comics for kids.

 I have decided  I am going to buy my niece and nephew each a subscription to a comic and I want your help choosing fun books, that don't suck.   
I have been saying I would buy these kids a subscription for a couple of years now and haven't followed through, for the most part because I thought they were still too young and also because I didn't know which kid books would be best.  The last thing I want to do is buy them a dumb book they will hate and be responsible for turning them off comics.  If I am going to introduce them to comics i want them to love them like I do.   
My niece is 10, I would love to introduce her to Wonder Woman but think she is still too young for WW series.  My nephew is 7 and I am at a loss as to which book a boy his age would like most., he likes all the usual suspects when it comes to Superheroes and cartoons. 
I am leaning towards a subsription to Batman the Brave and the Bold because I have read some great reviews and it sounds fun.  I am thinking Batman the Brave and Bold would be great for both of them and I will probably choose that book for one of them, but I want them to each have their own subscription to different books... so I need two great books; they can share or not, that is totally up to them.  Hahhaheh.  I wonder how sharing will go over at that age?  heh. 
I have narrowed my seach to these books, but I will gladly take a look at others if you think I am missing something great. 
Cartoon Network Action Pack
Batman the Brave and the Bold 
(This sounds great, but let me know if you think it sucks)
Scooby-Doo, Where are you? 
Tiny Titans - (I am thinking this is too young) 
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 
Marvel Adventures Super-Heroes 
Help me out here, please Vote!   
What do you think are the two best dang books for boys and for girls and why. 


One of my favorite lines

Wake up and smell the coffee pup!  I'm a bad girl!  I've always been a bad girl!  You want me because I'm a bad girl!  So why the surprise when I do bad things?   
~Knockout Superboy #30 AUG 96


Anna Mercury

My favorite new heroine.
My favorite new heroine.
Runners up are:

Nyx is a captivating character and I find myself rooting for her.
Nyx is a captivating character and I find myself rooting for her.

X-FORCE has me flipping pages far too quickly. Forcing me to re re-read every issue.
X-FORCE has me flipping pages far too quickly. Forcing me to re re-read every issue.

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