Top 7 Wolverine Comics

The Wolverine is definitely one of my favorite characters, so here's my Top 10 reads for him! Keep in mind that this is only my top comics for him. Many people would argue with this list, as these are pure opinion.

List items

  • Ahh yes, the Wolverine comic that defined his character and gravity defying hair! Along with slogan: "I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice." By far the best Wolverine comic yet, as well as simply being heralded for it's early and perfect representation of Wolverine, that set for time.

  • This in my own opinion is as good as Claremont and Miller's "Wolverine" series. The only reason it was kept from the #1 spot is simply that the C & M's "Wolverine" was first, and really defined the character. Old Man Logan is a perfect Wolverine comic however, and is filled with perfect gritty action and a Venom T-Rex.

  • This story was one of the first Wolverine arcs I read. My god it was amazing. The stunning and complex artwork, along with beautiful writing and complex speech-bubbles of people saying "steady" and "clear" during the entire first issue, gives it this list's #3 spot.

  • This is one of the best Wolverine comics I have read. It brings in one of the most interesting X-Men along Wolverine in Japan(which we all know nobody can resist.) During this classic series in which Wolverine confronts his old master.

  • An amazing story of Logan's past. Also beautifully illustrated by Andy Kubert, and colored by Richard Isanove. This story is one of the greatest works in comics, and by far my favorite origin story yet.

  • An extremely interesting and quite intense read, is a fascinating story of Wolverine being caught in a Japanese POW camp. He escapes with a fellow mutant, only to discover he is immortal and come to disagreements.

  • What would happen if Wolvie went rogue? This answers it in an interesting series. Definitely a recommended read.