My X-Force Team

Here is my X-Force team if ever they do reboot it. I meant to keep some classics then mainly go for expendable b/c listers for a Suicide-Squad feel.

List items

  • Mutant assassin who's lived for over 200 years and been trained in every form of martial arts. Role- Team Leader and Assassin

  • Kurt Wagner, a german mutant with the ability to teleport, also skilled in various martial arts and combat with Escrima Sticks. Role- Moral Compass and Infiltrations Expert

  • Rescued by Wolverine after being sold to an afghani slaver, she is a mutant with the power to transform into a living sandstorm. Role- Entry Hazard and Grateful Team Member

  • Originally a villain working for the MLF, ForeArm possesses enhanced strength and as his name states, four arms. Role- Tank and Redeemed Villain/Comic Relief

  • Mercury is a mutant with the ability to transform into malleable, living metal that can mold into different forms. Role- Spy/Infiltrations Expert and Tragic, Vengeful Good

  • Ink is technically not a mutant, however member of the X-Men via tattoos that grant super powers, including enhanced strength, flight, telepathy, bio-hazard manipulation, explosive powers, healing of others and faux Phoenix-Force powers. Role- Jack of All Trades and Rowdy Teenager

  • Also known as Agent Zero or David North is an expert marksman, hand-to-hand fighter and can absorb kinetic energy. North also has a slight healing factor, enhanced strength, durability and speed. Role- Assassin, Sniper and Lawless Good

  • Xorn is a chinese mutant that possesses a "Star for a Brain." He is highly intellectual and mysterious. Role- Genius/Planner and Mysterious/Guarded Mutant

  • A Native-American mutant with the ability to make technology. Forge is a technological genius and makes all the teams weaponry/gear. Role- Technician/Costume Designer/Weapons Maker and Teacher/Figure