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  • I love kira. Evrything about his is just amazing. His stand,my favorite stand. Design,fits him so well. Personality, a physocopalthic killer. His name, kira literally means shiny or GOD in some places. I just love his entire character. He made part four just spectacular. To start of with his stand. Killer queen the first time we see it is when shikichi died. The introduction was just amazing for his stand. Kira wants to live a normal life a perfect life. Now shikichi was about to ruin his perfect life. He grabbed the sandwich with the hand in it. Kira made shikichi look like a fly. Shikichi was acully pretty powerful. He could of killed kira right their but no thats not how kira works. See when i saw shikichi the first time i hated him i really didint like him at all but after his backstory i feel bad for him but i didnt care becuse i had just seen KIRA YOSHIKAGE for the first time. The desingn of killer queen is just amazing. Looks like a cat and is simple. The add on's. His little golden buckle and the stripes on his triceps’s kind of like frezia in dragon ball. The spikes on his back and his pose. I really like his pose it reminds me of like a rockstar. Lik e fredie mercury in queen. Also the fact that his stand also breaks as he gets hit. Like in the Joskue fight as kira got punched and killer queens face got cracked and as he got hit and hit then he got more cracked. But the thing with killer queens defence is low. Destructive power A. Speed B. Range D. Persistence B. Presision B. Developmental Potential A. His stats are very high but I fell like if jotaro REALLY punched him then he would of died.

    Kiras second part with the cat and white/black hair. was very nice his big escape was so good. Hes so smart the way he dipped into the face change.

  • Yaye Yare Daze

  • Cripple Master 69

  • Its DIO

  • Favorite design in JOJO

  • Best character

  • Love him

  • Respect

  • Love her

  • His stand

  • His character

  • Eveything

  • The story of wekapipo is my favorite in jojo hands down. Wekapipo is my Gyro.

  • The train

  • His stand


  • LOVe him

  • Nice

  • Noob



  • I personally think Wamuu is the most respected man in JoJo. The fact that he ripped his eyes out just to win i mean its so COOLLL. Also ceasers death when he walked up the stairs. Wamuu is also so cool looking. The art style has ovisusly changed but still to be a Aztec god hes so cool.

  • Havent read enough. Kool guy tho.

  • WTF is thisstand.

    Kool design

  • Yes i am

  • I like her sand and her design but again kind of like emporio just makes everything such a big deal when it isnt.

  • Best jobro

  • The meme is great his ark has the bes memes. His design is cool i really dig the scarf. His stand is very OP and nice. but isnt as cool at ROBERT E.O SPEEDWAGON.

  • The end of part 7 is so cool how he just gives diego the head. I also love his desing. one of my favorite in the series.

  • I really think why i like him so much is because his alike kira yoshikage. I murder who has a obsetion. I really love the stand and is in the top five strongest in part five. We also get to see giornos muda and i love it.

  • I really like fugo as a person but purple haze was kind of a downside for me. I love the stand but at the same time he cant control it and we only saw it for like ten chapters. we didnt see lots of fugo. also that he left the gang to save his life. We do get to see him in another book. It was cool to see someone leave the gang for the sake of themeselves and not buccuratti.

  • I know alot of people hate him but I really like him

  • I love his design. ALL designs for 8 designs are great. Also i just like his atitude aswell.

  • I love CoCo Jumbo, or better known as polnarif. I mean he saved the gang mulipul times and hes just really chill.

  • Vanilla ice has on of my favorite stands. Cream is almost perfect to me. The way he killed of two of the main characters in 7 chapters was just not a thing that we saw till then. Also vanilla ice was such a loal supporter to DIO. He even became a vampire to serve under his rule. His desin is not my favorite but creams is probably my favorite desined stand.

  • I like lucy alot but she wasnt standing out for me. I really like that she sacraficed her life to her husband. She was the person who gave Valentine his golder wall powers but she did also help Steven steel to kill Diego.

  • Not better than the original D'Arby but hes still verycool the way the family works. Its all on betting. D'arby had a stand were he Got the other gambelers soal when they lost. T Darby had a stand to tell whn teir lieing. Of couse jotaro destroyed him in OH THATS A bASebALL. Very good fight also like his design.

  • I just love all Zeppeli's. He taught jonathan Hamon and had a amazing death. His family was amzing and just all around great character.

  • One of my favorite stands and the ark he is in is soo good. He saw JESUS. A buetiful ark and we saw lucy be lucy and we saw blackmore just be a legend and fly around.

  • His backstory and his ark

  • The most patriotic man in the series next to funny valintin. His fight versus joesph was amazing and was ready to sacrifice his life for this stanger he had never met. Without a stand he is still powerful but at the same time then hes not as powerful as a jotaro of jolyne but he still has his guns and patriotic flar to his fights.

  • Love his stand and is in one of my favorite fights in the series. Also in my favorite meme when vanilla ice was kicking him. But the sassyness of the dog who cant speak is just amazing and is in the most hearbreaking moment in the series.

  • See with emporio i get why lots of people hate him. because he was the one to survive. But his desin is so cool. That he took weather reports stand and used it to kill pucci was just amazing. But somtimes he wound just be anoying to the story.

  • (This point is were it got hard for me because i love all charactrs above pet shop.)But first i love the name,but his stand was a bit confussing at first but when i got it then it was so cool. The backstory is so cool that he basically coused gettisburg. A alcoholic war veteren has the power to take your sins i mean how cool wound that be in real life. Also i like the desin of his and the location of the fight. Also the Ending of the capter when Valentine steals the corpse. its so good so technically he was the only villan to succeed.

  • The fight was amazing. Pet Shop was so menacing the way he just destroyed iggy. His stand is so powerful and i wish we saw more of him.

  • I hated him at first but after i watched it over again i kind of feel bad. i would love to have the stand. his death introduces kira so ive seen the sceen alot.

  • I mean hes cool.

  • His stand is very cool. I would like to have that stand and was a great start to part four. I like his design and that he is a rockstar.

  • Lucky

  • Honorable

  • Nice

  • Legned

  • Smoking skilz

  • I love that stand

  • I like his stand alot. like very cool. We saw alot of mista because this was his fight. Ghiaccio is very powerful and only had one way of killing him. That little hole in the back of his suit. The fight was at a perfect place and time. His design is on point and also he has a pretty funny meme.

  • One of my favorite stands in jojo imagin having your own army. it would be so much us in the real world. you can order them to go buy stuff or steall stuff. or just even mess around or to open your door. eat for you anyting really. Also sad death with okyoaso and red hot chilli pepper. I mean why did dio give him the bulb to se his dad is so sad.

  • His stand is not powerful in lots of cituations but it was perfect on the train. His design is also very simple and nice.

  • A true legned and just the fact that he became Mayor.

  • Hes fast as fuck dude. He shouldent of listened to valintine.

  • He kicked of the good part of part Three but at the same time andbis was so much better. We did see iggy for the first time.

  • Overpowered

  • She is in one of my favorite panels in the series. She did kill kira tecniclly.

  • After i watch that episode i just though holy shit because i was so exited that part three was finaly becomeing actually interesting to watch. but very cool stand and very overpowerd

  • The most badass woman in the series and just saved the entire universe from kars and dio and kira and pucci well not really pucci . i mean very badass.

  • Stupid very stupid but kind of like pushi he got this confidence as soon as his "MASTER" died. i mean i personaly dont lkke these types of characters. kind of cringey but he had a cool stand. but he still got beat by a dead person.

  • Very cool stand. To make a shark in any substance. thats very overpowred and should of had a couple of more chapters .

  • I mean very cool stand but cannot keep up with squalo his stand was to cool. but making then lie i mean just kill them.

  • A great character. She a wife that has a cheating husband a bad husband. She knows that and is just trying to find love and happiness. Especially in eygpt when Josphe was lying and Roses had to tell her. Its was very sad.

  • Her stand is kind of cool we got to see Echos act 2. She had a good ark cant complain about that.

  • He did good and bad. If he killed mr brando or if what he did. Who knows if he did it right.

  • I like a cat more than anybody under him. That says something about them.

  • His fight vesus Josphe was pretty cool and he did kill loggins and mesina but he was just shadowed by Kars and Wamuu. Also crying doesnt imitat the other person.

  • Wtf is a lock suposed to do. and why is his head shaped like that.

  • COcky basterd. His desingn is simple and clean and just looks like a normal JoJo villan. but i mean i liked that he thought that he was more powerful than Jotaro but he arguably has the best beatdown in JoJo.

  • Vey cool stand and we got to see narancha in the chapters alot. but i mean he was a dissapointment to La Squadra and probably the weakest.

  • Big buff guy killed a zeppali a mean not that important. realy dumb but kinda cool.

  • Again hes like emporio and hayato hes just shocked about everything and is just a commentator. The only good thing he thing he did was give kira Bites The Dust.

  • only good thing she did was mak Avdol and Josphe magnate together and made a great meme.

  • I mean she started part three but i mean probebly the wort stand in jojo.

  • The only good part we saw from him was from josphe . when josphe ran away and shot him with the tommy gun.

  • Very cool stand and just flatout died by giorno. i mean the credits didnt even say stopped working or retired i said dead...

  • Why was she their. wasted a couple of chapters.

  • DOnt get me started with this guy. He was a dissapiontment to be the son of DIO i mean the only good son's of dio were Giorno and Rikiel. I cant lie his stand is cool.

  • Her stand is soo cool its amazing but Wtf was she thinking giving everybody a arrow like really.

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  • I Personaly just dislike this man or should i even call him a man. The kid is just annoying i mean if prosciutto had like baby face or someone else. His stand was just fuckin bad and he got all this confidence all of a sudden and became all strong because his brother died i mean i just didnt i enjoy watching the the fight.

  • So to make it short fuck him.

    But he ruined the spotlight on joskue and kind of like emporio and repeted evrything that joskue or jotoro said. In the seconf to last chapter when he touched okuyasu and exploded and joskue healed him back i mean that was smart. But he fucking ruined kira's master plan.