What....No more Triva?

Thankfully left behind by my wife and kids while they visit my wife's aunt, bored beyond belief on the Comicvine and surfing different characters. Than boom! I decided to give Trivia a try...I mean I haven't played it since the summer of 2010. Yet, nothing....Whatever happened to it, or why can I not bring-it up?


Dog House

Well there are flood warning in our area, due to the excessive amounts of rain. The local lake has risen 6 inches, and my storage unit is only about a mile from the lake. Well that being said, I wasted no time at all to retrieve my whole comic book collection from storage. All 15 boxes of them. Well naturally I do not have room at the house, thus the reason I got the storage unit to begin with; So now they are all piled-up in my bedroom. Now my big dilemma, the wife is giving me the evil eye, but hasn't said anything as of yet. Don't know if that is a good sign or a bad one.
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Going in a Downward Spiral

These last couple of days of the Comicvine being down, which really stunk. I started to go through some comic boxes from this past year, and come to a conclusion. I truly think that two writers ( Bendis and Fraction) have kept Marvel comics in a stalemate and slowly going downward in which they may not recover from anytime soon. The percentage of buyers from comics have dropped significantly since the Civil War story arc. We are just lucky that the last couple months we have seen a slight increase sales. I think that Marvel needs some fresh blood for most of their titles. Not just writers, but editors as well.
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Need to nip it now!

The last couple of months the bad language here on the site has gotten worse. Let us put a stop to it people. Think before you type.


New ongoing series from Boon Studios


Official Press Release

This August, BOOM! Studios debuts a new ongoing horror series sure to make your blood run cold, DRACULA: THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS. Kurt Busiek, along with acclaimed writer Daryl Gregory and sensational artist Scott Godlewski, take you through the dark corridors of the corporate American boardroom and show you vampires aren’t the only kinds of bloodsuckers!

“Dracula's a character who's always fascinated me,” says series creator Kurt Busiek, “and getting a chance to build something firmly rooted in Dracula's real-world (and Stoker-novel) history, but with a very modern edge, is the kind of creative challenge I love. It's the world's greatest vampire against the corporate world -- and there's no easy way to tell who's the real villain, and who's the hero. I'm thrilled to be working with Daryl, Scott and BOOM! on this. Putting it together feels like the early days of working on CONAN, and I think the results are going to be a real treat for readers.”

DRACULA: THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS tells the story of a powerful, predatory corporation that acquires a valuable asset…Dracula! They think they own him, but no one can own the Son of the Dragon. There's a monster in their midst that puts Hannibal Lecter to shame--and he plans to gain his freedom in blood.

It's bloodsuckers vs. bloodsucker, as Busiek brings an incredibly modern spin to the Dracula mythos. Joining Busiek is award-winning author Daryl Gregory (PANDEMONIUM) and rising star artist Scott Godlewski (CODEBREAKERS). The epic journey starts here, so don't miss the debut issue of DRACULA: THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS, the next breakout ongoing series from BOOM! Studios! Featuring covers by fan-favorite THE NOCTURNALS artist Dan Brereton, and Ron Salas!

"The collective raw storytelling talent between Kurt and Daryl is boundless," said BOOM! Studios Managing Editor Matt Gagnon. "Readers should be prepared for a cracking horror story that's intense, arresting, and explores the nuances between good and evil. Dracula is back from the dead, and in very good hands!"

DRACULA: THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS is written by Kurt Busiek (SUPERMAN, AVENGERS, IRON MAN) and Daryl Gregory (PANDEMONIUM) with art by red-hot artist Scott Godlewski (CODEBREAKERS). Issue one ships with two covers by Dan Brereton and Ron Salas in a 50/50 split and a 1-in-10 incentive cover. This title ships in August and caries a Diamond code of JUN100841.


Hating on Bendis

Please Marvel let this writer go.... It is going to take years to replenish your universe from his twisted and lack of character knowledge in his writing. 
Have mercy on us long time Marvilites.    
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